ODP Resources for Faculty and Staff

Individual Support and Mentoring

Students, staff at all levels, faculty, and administrators should feel free to come to the ODP office to express issues and concerns. You will receive a supportive, listening, confidential environment as well as assistance, advocacy, referrals, and other support to address and assist in helping resolve your concerns.

Graduate Students

Graduate studies are a great way to advance your post baccalaureate knowledge.  The ODP office supports graduate students in food, agriculture and natural resources fields.  Information of interest to graduate students can be found on the Graduate School website.

Faculty Development / Search committee

ODP works with faculty development and college search committees to advocate for diversity and inclusion in CANR faculty and staff. Contact the office for more information.

Community Outreach


Occassionally the ODP office promotes the College and our diversity initiatives in academic and popular publications.

The most recent is a story about our ANR150/CAMP program in Adelante/Forward Magazine.

Diversity workshop presentations

ODP presents workshops about the benefits and challenges of a diverse workforce. If you are interesting in attending such a presentation, please contact the office.

Community Presence

ODP staff serve on the boards of local organizations that promote inclusion and diversity in the larger community. 

Networking / Events

ODP hosts events and facilitates conferences (links)

ANR 150 / 491

Michigan State University’s Migrant Student Services in collaboration with the Office of Diversity and Pluralism, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources bring together, through the process of introspection and interactive experiences, a video production about the journey of migrant farm worker students to Michigan State University.

Please visit the link to view the experience of actual students titled “The Journey from Fields to Careers,” produced by Connie Jordan and instructors of ANR – 491, Dr. Brenda Alston-Mills and Dr. Celina Wille.