Where's Sparty?

See where Sparty's been lately ...

Want to play along?

Want to have some fun? WE do!

Alumni and friends at the Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources want your help with a Where’s Sparty? Project.

''Alumni and friends will post photos of themselves with Sparty on the CANR Facebook page. Your participation gives you a chance to win your choice of a MSU Dairy Store ice cream flavor.  

To Participate:

  1. To receive your 11” Sparty cut-out, contact Kathryn Reed at kreed@msu.edu
  2. Take your Sparty cut-out to an interesting location and snap a photo. 
  3. Upload the photo, include a description of where you took Sparty, your name, connection to the College (graduation date, major, faculty member, friend, etc.) to the CANR facebook page at www.facebook.com/MSUcanr.  (While you're on the page 'like us'.)
  4. Mail Sparty to a friend with a note asking him or her to participate in the Where’s Sparty? Project.
  5. Once a quarter, a submitted picture will be chosen as a winner. The person who submitted the winning photo will receive his or her choice of a half gallon of MSU Dairy Store ice cream shipped anywhere in the continental United States.
  6. If your picture is chosen as a winner it will be reposted as the Picture of the Quarter, with a notice of which flavor of ice cream was sent to you. 

If you Tweet please use #wheressparty, as well as a link to the picture.

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