A Global Problem Solver

The interdependency of food, water, energy and human capital need to be recognized and harnessed to engender a sustainable standard of living worldwide. In the CANR, we see a world where nourishing food, safe water, and clean, abundant fuel and healthy homes are available to all. We are convinced that Michigan’s prosperity depends on achieving this global vision.

We are focused three critical priorities: food, energy and environment.

To continue our advancement, we seek endowed as well as discretionary research funds. These resources will enable us to explore new ideas, conduct pilot studies and stay on the leading edge in our areas of achievement. Endowed and discretionary funding improve our education programs and bring our research into the classroom to prepare our students for careers that are as meaningful as they are productive.

GOAL for Endowed Research Funds: $5 million

GOAL for Discretionary Research Funds: $125 million



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