Bailey Scholars Program

The Bailey Scholars Program is a unique opportunity to learn through community and develop leadership skills that 21st century employers are seeking.  Students successfully finishing the program earn a Minor in Leadership in Integrated Learning. It is a program of building your own capacity; where we aid you in your pursuit of your learning interests. We focus on scholarship, excellence, and community.

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What is the Bailey Scholars Program (BSP)?

At its core, BSP is a learning community where each student, graduate and faculty fellow creates their own learning journey and achieves whole person development.  In this program, community members work towards fulfilling personal, professional, and academic goals. 

Earning the Minor in Connected Learning

Each scholar’s learning experience (courses and topics) are different. The Learning Vision Statement (LVS) is the foundation of a BSP experience.   Bailey Scholars creates their LVS, which reflects their personal, professional, and academic goals and their learning interests.  The LVS will be revisited each semester with our academic adviser, ensuring students are working towards achieving their unique goals.

There are nine credits of BSP core courses that provide undergraduate scholars the opportunity to explore interests and connect their academic disciplines with 21st century skills.   With a faculty and a graduate student convener, each semester the classes decide what they are going to learn, how they are going to learn it, and how they will assess their learning.

The other nine credits of electives (Middle Nines) are used to customize each scholar’s learning experience.  The purpose of the Middle Nines are to enable students to further their learning goals as identified in their LVS.  Courses can be from any department in the university and can be classes students already need for their major degree.  The only criteria are that the courses help to achieve stated LVS goals.  

During a student’s final year at MSU, they present their Learning Journeys to the rest of the community.  This is a capstone experience in the BSP typically provides evidence and reflection of their time in the BSP and at MSU.

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