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Registration System

ANR Events Management System

To access the events management system, visit This is the online registration system that will help collect registration information and collect registration fees. It is available to all staff with an email address.

To download the banner images that can be used as a headers in the registration system, go to the MSU SharePoint site (MSU Employees Only) and save the images to a local folder on your computer. 

How To

To help guide you through the process of creating an event in the Events Management System, use the following documents:

    1. Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating an Event (MSU Employees Only) - This document will guide you through the process of creating an event in the system.  
    2. Event Information for Creation of Registration System (MSU Employees Only)- This form can be used to assist you with collecting and preparing the information you need to create an event in the system. This form will be particularly helpful in the development of your first few events in the system. Once you have more familiarity and comfort with the system, entering the events without use of this document will be much easier.
    3. Posting Tips - Tips to follow when creating an event on the ANR Events Management System or when posting an event to the MSUE Events Calendar.
    4. Activation Checklist (MSU Employees Only) - Use this checklist prior to requesting activation of your event in the Events Management System to help expedite the activation process.  
    5. Frequently Asked Questions (MSU Employees Only) - A compilation of the most frequently asked questions regarding the events management system.  
    6. County Staff FAQ's - A compilation of questions that will be most pertinent to county staff working with 4-H programs. There are also frequently asked questions for 4-H Families who are registering within the system.

    To learn more about the process of collecting registrant payments within the new registration system, read this brief informational document (MSU Employees Only).

    For information on handling checks and cash for registrant payments, view this step-by-step guide (MSU Employees Only).

    PCI Compliance Information - This file provides information about PCI Compliance in the office place. Please print and post near your computer. 


    Training is available to help you learn how to use the online registration system. To register for one of the training webinars or live in-person trainings, visit our resources for specific dates and times. This link includes several pre-recorded trainings and other event planning resources. There is also a training version of the registration system that you use to practice entering your events before using the live system. Once you have participated and/or listened to one of the online training sessions, you will be given the site for the training system

    Additional tutorial materials, including frequently asked questions and a glossary of terms are currently being developed.  

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