Staff Awards

Congratulations to Barb Sweeney

Barbara Sweeney, Office Assistant III in the Animal Science Department Office, is the recipient of the 2013 Gliozzo Clerical-Technical Recognition Award.  The award is presented annually to a clerical-technical support staff member selected from nominations received by the CT Recognition Award Selection Committee. The award is sponsored by the Thomas and Concettina Gliozzo Endowment Fund to recognize outstanding clerical-technical employees.  Charles Gliozzo is director emeritus of MSU's Study Abroad program. Thomas and Concettina Gliozzo were immigrants who became U.S. citizens and recognized the importance of education.

Selection criteria include respect and concern for all members of the campus community, diligence in daily work, significant contributions to the community or public service and innovative thinking.  Congratulations Barb!!

Congratulations to all our staff who were honored Monday, 4/22/13, for their years of dedication to MSU and this department!

Thank you for contributing to our success!

Randy Bontrager – 20 yrs of service

Doug Carmichael – 15 yrs of service

Jeff Greenlee – 35 yrs of service

Janet Ireland – 25 yrs of service

Carla McLachlan – 25 yrs of service

Angelo Napolitano – 35 yrs of service

Nancy Raney – 15 yrs of service

Ron Southwick – 20 yrs of service

Jamie Pratt (Retiree) - 29 yrs of service

Al Snedegar (Retiree) – 23 yrs of service

2013 Animal Science Outstanding Staff Award

Congratulations to Kim Dobson for being selected as the 2013 Animal Science Outstanding Staff member. 

2013 Institute of Agricultural Technology Outstanding Faculty/Staff Award

Congratulations to Paula Hitzler! Paula was nominated & selected by students for the 2013 Outstanding Faculty/Staff Award for the Institute of Agricultural Technology. Theresa Maine made the award presentation at yesterday's Ag Tech graduation.

National Swine Registry honors Al Snedegar

Al Snedegar was recognized by the National Swine Registry (NSR) for his lifetime achievements and national and international contributions to the purebred swine industry. The award was given at the Pork Expo and was a surprise to Al. Al is also the subject of a feature article entitled “Al’s Kids: Teaching Lifetime Lessons While Talking Pigs”  in the June 2012 youth issue of the Seedstock Edgemagazine (pages 20-23) published by the NSR. It follows the life and career of our “Sned” and highlights the impacts he has had on youth and students. A copy will be in the front office if you would like to read the article. As you know Sned retired late spring and we will be holding a retirement picnic for him once the academic year begins.  Thank you Sned for all your dedication to students and great work at MSU and for the swine industry, congratulations!

CANR Outstanding Team Award

The team award is given to a team of staff that have worked above and beyond their assigned duties to accomplish a project or task important to the department, college and/or University.  With input and a letter of support from the University EBS project implementation staff, Jamie Pratt, Carolyn Adams, Barb Sweeney, Candace Ebbinghaus and Kim Dobson.

CANR Outstanding Individual Award Winners

Carolyn Adams won one of the Individual awards for her outstanding performance with pre-awards and assistance with the business of the department.


Jennifer Dominguez also won one of the Individual award for her outstanding work in the Meat Lab.  Jennifer is the Meat Lab Manager for the Departments of Animal Science and Food Science and Human Nutrition.