Anthony Hall

474 S. Shaw Lane
East Lansing, MI  48824-1225

Animal Air Quality Research Facility


Animal Behavior & Welfare

3215/3223 West Anthony Hall, 517-432-1382

Contact: Janet Ireland 

Faculty: Janice Siegford

Animal Molecular Genetics

3330 Anthony Hall, 517-353-3340

Contact: Nancy Raney

Faculty: Catherine Ernst

Bio Medical Science

B215 Anthony Hall, 517-432-4449

Contact: Kailey Vincent

Faculty: Keith Latham

Cellular Reprogramming

B265 Anthony Hall, 517-432-7065

2223 Anthony Hall, 517-432-8254

Contact: Sukumal Prukudom

Faculty: Jose Cibelli

Developmental Epigenetics

B233 Anthony Hall, 517-432-7498

Faculty: Jason Knott

Developmental Programming

B212 Anthony Hall, Ph: 517-432-7066, Fax:  517-353-1699

Contact: Jeremy Gingrich

Faculty: Almudena Veiga-Lopez

Equine Research

2235 Anthony Hall, 517-353-4866

Contact: Cara Robison

Faculty: Brian Nielsen

Ernst Lab

3315 Anthony Hall, 517-353-2189

Contact: Nancy Raney

Faculty: Catherine Ernst

Forage Nutrition

2245 Anthony Hall, 517-432-1457

Contact: Dave Main

Faculty: Michael Allen

Germ Cell Biology

B290 Anthony Hall, 517-432-3638

Contact: Ashley Melnick

Faculty: Chen Chen

Lipid Research

2270 East Anthony Hall, 517-353-9729

Contact: Lynn Nagengast

Faculty: Adam Lock

Meadows Dairy Research

2235 Anthony Hall, 517-353-4866

Faculty: David Beede

Meat Science

3300 Anthony, 517-355-8452 ext. 206
3315 Anthony, 517-355-8452 ext. 207
3320 Anthony, 517-355-8452 ext. 208
3325 Anthony, 517-355-8452 ext. 209
3330 Anthony, 517-355-8452 ext. 210

Manager: Jennifer Dominguez

Molecular Reproductive Endocrinology

B228 Anthony Hall, 517-355-8392

Contact: Janet Ireland

Faculty: Jim Ireland

Molecular Virology

3340 Anthony Hall, 517-353-7291

Faculty: Paul Coussens

Non-ruminant Nutrition

2215 Anthony Hall, 517-432-1448

Contact: Jane Link

Faculty: Gretchen Hill and Dale Rozeboom

2220 South Anthony Hall, 517-353-4867

Faculty: Nathalie Trottier


B255 Anthony Hall, 517-432-1456

Contact: Joseph Folger

Faculty: George Smith

Reproduction Immunology

B220 Anthony Hall, 517-353-5378

Sarika Kshirsagar

Faculty: Peggy Petroff

Ruminant Metabolism

2270 West Anthony Hall, 517-432-1454

Contact: Jim Liesman

Faculty: Mike VandeHaar and Miriam Weber Nielsen

Ruminant Nutrition

2250 Anthony Hall, 517-355-3802

Faculty: Steven Rust

Teaching Lab

B260 Anthony Hall, 517-881-9094

Coordinator: Julie Moore

Faculty: Janice Swanson


2215 Anthony Hall, 517-432-1448

Contact: Jane Link

Faculty: Steven Bursian

Wang Lab

B285 Anthony Hall, 517-353-1413

Contact: Cort Thompson

Faculty: Yuan Wang

Wildlife Toxicology

3223 East Anthony Hall, 517-432-1382

Contact: Patrick Bradley

Faculty: Matt Zwiernik

Yang Lab

B255 Anthony Hall, 517-432-1456

Contact: Mingyuan Yang