International Opportunities

Northern Ireland

Michigan State University and Department of Agriculture for Northern Ireland have established a student exchange agreement, which includes 5 Northern Ireland Colleges. Students form Enniskillen College of Agriculture and Michigan State University spend on semester taking classes in Michigan or Northern Ireland, respectively. Michigan State students enroll for 12 credits of international course work at Michigan State, but take courses in Northern Ireland. Enniskillen students come to Michigan State University while completing their "year out" (internship), or during the course work portion of their training. Michigan State students have the option of taking courses in equitation, horse farm management, equine facilities, horse science or farm business in Northern Ireland, which will waive requirements or be used as electives at Michigan State. Enniskillen College of Agriculture students take courses in horse farm management, exercise physiology, selection and judging, equitation and horse merchandising. These courses are not used to waive academic requirements in Northern Ireland but rather as part of the "year out" experience required for graduation. Students from both programs live in dormitories and pay room and board to the college or university they are attending. Difference in cost is approximately the price of air-fare and incidentals. In an effort to provide more students with and international understanding of the horse industry, faculty from Michigan State University have traveled to Northern Ireland to to lecture. Lectures on the US horse industry, exercise physiology and nutrition provided Northern Irish students with an exposure to the US horse industry and how it differs from that of Northern Ireland.


Michigan State University Department of Animal Science has recently completed a visit to Mexico City and Guadalajara to help align internships with several prestigious facilities. The farms work with Andalusian and Aztecas. Opportunities exist for internships geared toward breeding or training and riding.