The mission of the CEA is to provide science-based economic analysis and data to support MSU and MSU Extension researchers and project leaders, and to facilitate Michigan’s industries and government entities. The CEA contributes to the Land-Grant University heritage by supporting MSU researchers through procurement and analysis of data and ideas, with the fundamental principle behind outreach activities to contribute to the overall awareness of how the agricultural, natural resource and related sectors and other community economic development activities contribute to the overall state economy.

The CEA provides various services in the areas of:

The Economy

  • Economic Forecasts
  • Economic Policy Analyses
  • Economic Development
  • Fiscal and Economic Impacts of,
    • Policy
    • ED Initiatives
    • Recreation
    • Events
    • Infrastructure Development

State and Community Demographics

  • Demographic and Socio-Economic Profiles
  • School Enrollments
  • Poverty Assessments


  • Economic Development
  • Impact Assessments
  • Survey/Survey Analyses
  • Needs Assessments


  • Tax Policy Impacts
  • Impact Analyses
  • Market Assessments
  • Transportation Impacts
  • Tourism Impacts
  • Industry Clustering


  • Resource Inventories
  • Tourism, Park, and Recreation Impacts