CRIS Bits is an editorially independent blog providing expert insights into the science of ingredient safety. Under the leadership of senior editor Dr. Keri Szejda, they aim to provide understandable, informative and useful information on the science behind ingredients in the food we eat, and the products we use.

CRIS Bits is published in partnership with the Risk Innovation Lab at Arizona State University.

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Guiding Principles of CRIS Bits:

  • Inform public understanding and dialogue on the safety of ingredients in food and consumer products, with knowledge-based writing that is responsible, ethical and supported by evidence.
  • Make understandable and relevant the knowledge and insights of researchers and other experts, to provide readers with clarity and insight into topical issues around ingredient safety.
  • Provide a fact-based and editorially independent platform, free of bias and advocacy.
  • Support academic freedom to write and publish on issues of relevance to society.
  • Protect editorial freedom in all partnerships.
  • Ensure accurate, relevant, high quality, and understandable content by using experienced editors.
  • Be open, transparent and accountable. Where errors occur we will correct them transparently.
  • Work with our contributors and partners to ensure we are serving the public good in everything we do.
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