Strategic Plan: Research

CRIS_strategic_researchStrategic Priority A:

Develop and Implement a Focused Research Agenda.

Strategic Priority A focuses on implementing the emerging issues process to develop and prioritize CRIS’s research agenda. It emphasizes the need to achieve early project success – balancing quick wins with the development of a longer-term research agenda

Objective A-1 focuses on establishing the Emerging Issues Committee and launching an effective process for monitoring, identifying and prioritizing emerging scientific issues. It stresses effective, ongoing implementation of the Emerging Issues Process, including ensuring the appropriate engagement of stakeholders from government, academia, industry and non-governmental organizations.

Objective A-2 focuses on ensuring the emerging issues process leads to establishing a clear and prioritized CRIS research agenda. It emphasizes the need for the research agenda to include both high-priority short-term projects and a prioritized longer-term research agenda.

Objective A-3 focuses on implementing short-term projects that become “quick wins” for CRIS. It emphasizes that the success of these projects are necessary to establish the credibility of CRIS and demonstrate its impact.

Objective A-4 recognizes that longer timeframes are required to carry out basic science research projects. These longer-term projects need to complement the high-priority short-term projects to provide a balance CRIS research portfolio.

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