2015 MSU Queen Rearing Course

Date: July 18, 2015 - July 19, 2015
Location: Horticulture Teaching and Research Center, 3291 College Rd., Holt, MI 48842

Time: 8:30 a.m.

Michigan State University Queen Rearing short course teaches the basics of queen rearing.  Learn the basic principles and underlying biology, and practice key methods hands-on. Topics covered include queen and drone mating biology, timing of queen rearing in northern climates, queen rearing and mating nuc methods, stock selection and record keeping. We will learn in the class room, and practice activities in the bee yard.   

Queen Rearing Short Course

July 19-20th 2015

Registration Cost = $240

Registration covers 2 days of class, 2 lunches, a grafting tool, and a copy of Sucessful Queen Rearing.
Lunch will be provided for both days, but lodging and other meals will be on your own.

(note: bring your own veil and other protective gear!)



Saturday, July 18th 
8:30       Registration
9:00       Class
12:00     Lunch (provided)
1:00       Class
5:00       Adjourn

Sunday, July 19th 

8:30       Hive Manipulations and Grafting (Indoor, practice run)
9:00       Class
12:00     Lunch (provided)
2:30       Checking acceptance of grafted cells the day before. 
3:30       Grafting again?
4:30       Adjourn

Topics covered:

Queen rearing basics, mating biology, equipment options, preparing a starter, preparing a finishing colony, grafting, non-grafting methods, timing, creating mating nucs, marking queens, stock selection, record keeping.