• Shaping the Avenue 101

    Date: December 5, 2016
    Location: FieldHouse, 213 Ann Street, (at the corner of Albert Avenue and Grove Street) East Lansing, MI 48823

    Shaping the Avenue is a multi-jurisdictional partnership between the municipalities of Lansing, Lansing Township, East Lansing and Meridian Township with support from the Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA). They will be working together to update and coordinate their land use zoning ordinances along the Michigan/Grand River Avenue corridor (the Avenue) from the Capitol to Meridian Township. The result will be a coordinated set of land use regulations that guide future development to support residents and businesses and balance the needs of pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles, including transit. A Technical Committee comprised of public- and private-sector representatives from each of the communities guides the initiative.

  • SPDC Project Week: Therapy Dogs

    Date: December 5, 2016
    Location: Human Ecology Building, 552 W. Circle Drive, Room 315, East Lansing, MI 48824

    “Paws” for some comfort with dogs from Therapy Dogs, International.

  • College Curriculum Committee

    Date: December 5, 2016
    Location: 75 Ag Hall

    College Curriculum Committee, Fall Semester Meetings at 2 p.m. for 90 minutes, every other Monday beginning on August 29.


  • Academy for Global Engagement Global Innovation Forum

    Date: December 5, 2016
    Location: Lincoln Room, Kellogg Center

    Join the 2016 Academy for Global Engagement Fellows as they present their research pitches and mingle with campus collaborators.

  • Hanover Forest Science Seminar Series: Nash Turley

    Date: December 6, 2016
    Location: Room 225 in the Natural Resources Building, 480 Wilson Rd

    Nash Turley presents “Predictors of plant diversity in pine forests of South Carolina.”

  • First Tuesday: The Joys of Writing Grants

    Date: December 6, 2016
    Location: Brody Square: Small Private Dining Room

    Successful grantsmanship requires both a good idea and a convincing case for why your idea is worth the money you are requesting. In this dinner conversation we will talk about ways to convey clarity, feasibility, value, and enthusiasm for your good idea in your grants.

    Tuesday, December 6
    Brody Square Small Private Dining Room

    Dinner is provided. Seating is limited. RSVP and please contact if you are unable to attend.


  • Small Scale Real Estate Development Workshop

    Date: December 6, 2016
    Location: Campus Center Building, 1700 University Ave., Flint, MI, 48505

    Introductory training on how to create 1-3 story buildings that build wealth while also being good neighbors. The workshop is sponsored by the Incremental Development Alliance, a national non­profit that works to build local wealth in neighborhoods through ground up real estate development.

  • SPDC Project Week: Pie the Professor USGBC Fundraiser

    Date: December 6, 2016
    Location: Human Ecology Building, 552 W. Circle Drive, First Floor Corridor, East Lansing, MI 48824

    $2 for 1 pie. $5 for 3 pies. $10 for 1 pie per professor.

  • State of Michigan Master and Journey Plumber Exam

    Date: December 7, 2016

    Master and Journey Plumber Exam Application Deadline: November 5, 2016.

  • Seminar: Fulfilling our Collective Goals in a Divided World

    Date: December 7, 2016
    Location: NR 152

    The MSU Fisheries and Wildlife Graduate Student Organization welcomes Dr. Mamie Parker of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Dr. Parker will present a keynote seminar about essential life lessons for students in a divided world. 

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