Ecoacoustics Congress 2016

Date: June 6, 2016 - June 8, 2016
Location: Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center, East Lansing, Michigan

Professor Emeritus Stuart Gage is leading organization of the Ecoacoustics Congress. Scientists from around the world will be attending the in-depth conference exploring new frontiers of ecoacoustics research and development. Ecoacoustics is an interdisciplinary science that investigates natural and anthropogenic sounds and their relationship with the environment over a wide range of study scales, both spatial and temporal, including populations and communities. Ecoacoustics operates in all types of terrestrial and aquatic (freshwater and marine) ecosystems extending the scope of acoustics and bioacoustics.

Ecoacoustics recognizes that sounds can be both the subject and tools of ecological research. As the subject, sounds are investigated in order to understand their evolution, functions and properties under environmental pressures. As tools, sounds are used to study and monitor animal diversity, abundance, behavior, dynamics and distribution, and their relationship with ecosystems and the environment.

Sessions at this year’s conference will feature:

  • Ecoacoustics environment: tropical, fresh water, marine and terrestrial
  • Monitoring
  • Analytics
  • Community/species impact

The Congress includes two tours and a workshop. Conference pricing is as follows:

Early $185
Regular (Starting May 15) $200
After May 30 $215

Early $95
Regular (Starting May 15) $110
After May 30 $125

See the full program and registration at Ecoacoustics Congress 2016