Forestry Hanover Seminar Series presents: Yvette Dickinson, Michigan Technological University

Date: March 31, 2015
Location: 225 Natural Resources

Time: 4 p.m. (Refreshments at 3:50 p.m.)

Forestry Hanover Seminar Series presents:

Groupy-clumpy restoration of a frequent-fire conifer ecosystem on Colorado’s Front Range

Presented by:

Yvette Dickinson
School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
Michigan Technological University


Fire suppression during the past century has led to an increased density of many lower montane forests of Colorado’s Front Range. This increased density and canopy contiguity has reduced open-woodland habitat, and may increase the likelihood of large uncharacteristic severe wildfires and insect outbreaks.  These concerns have led to calls for forest restoration to mitigate hazardous fuels while creating structurally complex (“groupy-clumpy”) forest stands with groups of trees, single isolated trees and openings; and to reconstruct a complex mosaic of forest structure across the landscape.  However, the restoration of these structurally diverse stands and landscapes has been challenging.  I will present work that addresses these challenges.