Friday Nights at University Square

Date: July 17, 2015
Location: University Avenue, Flint, Michigan

The University Avenue Corridor Coalition (UACC) is a collaborative effort among stakeholders along University Avenue, Flint, Michigan from McLaren Flint on the West to the University of Michigan-Flint on the East, also bounded by Hurley Medical Center and Whaley Children’s Home on the North and the Flint River to the South.

The mission of the UACC is: “To transform the University Avenue corridor into an attractive and crime-free community that is conducive to sustainable development.” By signing this MOA, the parties agree to offer its resources to address critical issues facing the above-described area.
Said critical issues are clustered around the following goals:

  • Addressing Blight and Crime Hotspots
  • Improving Community Health
  • Stabilizing Land Use
  • Establishing Leisure and Recreational Areas
  • Creating and Enhancing Communication Links and Education in the Area

It is also agreed that “Crime Prevention through Environmental Design” is the organizing principle to be followed in our efforts to address blight and crime hotspots and to stabilize land use in the area.