Introduction to Foraging

Date: September 23, 2015
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Hidden Lake Gardens

An introductory seminar for those just starting out or curious about foraging for food, this presentation is designed to provide an overview of the basic principles of foraging in a one-hour lecture-style discussion.

“Is there enough wild food out there to keep you alive and healthy? Is it really possible to gather enough to feed yourself and your family? What are the benefits of learning to forage? And how does finding, harvesting, preparing, and storing wild foods compare to buying, preparing, and storing commercial foods? Come and find out! Nature is my grocery store. Roughly half of my family’s winter food and most of our summer food, along with many of our medicines, personal care products, and household cleaners come from the woods, fields, and wetlands around our home. In this presentation I will provide an overview of foraging basics in a 1 hour lecture followed by a question and answer session. We will consider the practicality of learning to forage and discuss nutrition as it relates to a foraged diet. We will also cover foraging for non-food items. I will review the fundamental principles of gathering and explain annual foraging cycles. Recommendations for guidebooks, websites, and local instructors will be provided. This is an introductory seminar, designed for those just starting out or curious about foraging, and is being provided free of charge.”

Statement from Rachel Mifsud, Instructor and Forager

Cost: No admission charge

Registration is requested.