Master’s Plan B Project Defense: Heather Brushaber - 06/02/2014

Date: June 2, 2014
Location: Natural Resources RM 130

Incorporating Fishing into Kindergarten through Eighth Grade Physical Education in Michigan: A Gap Analysis

Master’s Plan B Project Defense

Heather Brushaber

Monday, June 2
Time: 1 p.m.
Room: 130, Natural Resources Building

Michigan ranks among states with the highest childhood obesity ratings, and increasing opportunities for quality physical education is a statewide concern among educators. A resource that documents standards-based physical education activities that may be used to diversify and enhance quality physical education in Michigan may be useful for Michigan physical education teachers. Fishing opportunities likely encourage children to develop skills that may be used in multiple outdoor sports; become familiar with a Michigan tradition, experience a sport unique from traditional team sports and engage in physical activity outdoors with others of varying skills and ages within, or outside of, physical education classes. Fishing is a historic tradition in Michigan, and Michigan has significant fishing opportunities. The purpose of this project is to provide information to be used for enhancingthe Project F.I.S.H. curriculum and increasing the diversity of kindergarten through eighth grade physical education lessons through fishing-related activities. This project reviews literature related to conservation, environmental, and physical education best practices; and compares fishing-related activities in the curriculum Project F.I.S.H. with Michigan kindergarten through eighth grade Physical Education Grade Level Content Expectations. A gap analysis identified kindergarten through eighth grade Physical Education Grade Level Content Expectations that may address or may be addressed by fishing activities. Exposing youth in Michigan to traditional fishing activities that relate to physical education may encourage them to engage in enjoyable, physically active outdoor activity throughout their lives, recognize community service opportunities, and benefits of positive social interaction.

Committee Members:
Dr. Gail Vander Stoep (Chairperson)
Dr. Shari Dann
Dr. Michael Everett