MS-B Project Proposal Defense - Eric Dobbrastine - Feb 17

Date: February 6, 2015

Volunteer Tourism and the Batwa

Masters Plan-B Project Proposal Defense

Eric Dobbrastine

noon, Tuesday, Feb. 17

Room 130, Natural Resources Building


Volunteer tourism is a steadily growing sector of the tourism industry in which tourists either travel for the purpose of volunteering in local communities or partake in service work as part of a larger vacation. As interest in volunteer tourism has increased, so has the number and variety of providers, ranging from NGOs to commercial tourism operators. While the concept of volunteering generally stirs up positive thoughts, volunteer tourism has been criticized by some who say that its outcomes are more negative than positive, particularly for the people and communities it is supposed to help. In spite of this, there are many volunteer tourism programs that have been very successful, with positive outcomes for both the tourists and the local people. If planned, implemented and managed properly, volunteer tourism has the potential to do great things for poor and marginalized people such as the Batwa Pygmies of Kanungu District, in southwest Uganda. This project focuses on the potential benefits of volunteer tourism for the Batwa and provides methods for evaluating interest in such programs. It can be used as a tool to determine the appropriateness of volunteer projects with this community and how the benefits of such projects could be maximized. 


  • Dr. Sarah Nicholls, Chairperson
  • Dr. Robert Richardson
  • Dr. Christine Vogt