What’s in Bloom?

New for 2017, beginning the first week of Spring, March 19-25, a list of Hidden Lake Gardens plants exhibiting flowers will be published on the "What's in Bloom?" page.  This list will be updated weekly as long as there are plants in bloom at Hidden Lake Gardens.  Please open the pdf link for the week's current list of plants in bloom!

Week of April 2, 2017.  Flowering_Plants_Week_of_040217.pdf

Week of April 9, 2017.  Flowering_Plants_Week_040917.pdf

Week of April 16, 2017.  Flowering_Plants_week_041617.pdf

Week of April 23, 2017.  Flowering_Plants_Week_042317.pdf

Week of May 7, 2017.  Flowering_Plants_Week_050717.pdf

Week of May 14, 2017.  Flowering_Plants_Week_051417.pdf

Week of May 28, 2017.  Flowering_Plants_Week_052817.pdf

Week of June 4, 2017.  Flowering_Plants_Week_060417.pdf

Week of July 30, 2017.  Flowering_Plants_Week_073017.pdf

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