Transfer Guidelines

Guidelines to transfer from IAT to Baccalaureate Program at MSU

These transfer guidelines must be met in order for a current Institute of Agricultural Technology (IAT) student to be considered for transfer to a baccalaureate program at Michigan State University (MSU). Students should work closely with their Program Coordinator to make sure the guidelines are met. Students are encouraged to follow the guidelines if undecided about the desire to transfer.

IAT students who have completed their respective IAT programs will, upon completion of the application process, be considered for transfer admission to MSU. Acceptance is determined by the applicant’s previous academic record and his or her proposed program.

To complete the application process, the student must:

  1. Complete and submit a signed request (Student Intent to Transfer Form) to the IAT, as soon as the student develops an interest in transferring, in order to inform the IAT of the desire to transfer to a baccalaureate program. The request must be signed by the Program Coordinator and by the IAT Director in order to facilitate proper student advising by the IAT.
  2. Have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 upon completion of the IAT program and satisfy all other requirements for admission.
  3. Earn a minimum grade of 2.0 in WRA 101 or its equivalent.
  4. Earn a minimum grade of 2.0 in MTH 103 or its equivalent.
  5. Students MUST apply online through the Office of Admissions website ( It is recommended that students apply six (6) months before the desired semester of enrollment in a bachelor’s program.
  6. Students must have completed their IAT program by the spring semester of the previous academic year to be considered for fall semester or spring semester of the next academic year. (Example - if a student wants to apply for transfer to the bachelor’s program for fall semester 2018 or spring semester 2019 they must have completed their IAT program by spring semester 2018.)
  7. All transfer courses from other institutions MUST be Completed one FULL semester before the desired semester of enrollment in a bachelor’s program. This means, transfer courses must be completed spring semester for a student who wants to enroll fall semester and must be completed in summer for a student who wants to enroll spring semester.
  8. Additional requirements may apply for limited enrollment programs.
  9. Complete all other undergraduate application requirements.

Any questions about these transfer guidelines should be directed to the Program Coordinator or the IAT office.

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