Students who are not enrolled in a degree program at Michigan State University join our courses through the MSU Lifelong Education Program.

2017-2018 Academic Year Tuition

Tuition for non-Michigan residents, including international residents, is $2,793.00 USD per 3-credit course. Tuition for Michigan residents is $2,179.50 USD per 3-credit course. Tuition rates change each fall semester. 

Click here for official tuition rates each semester. Look under the relevant Resident/Non-Resident graduate section, and then look for the "Graduate Lifelong Education" rate.  Note the tuition rate is per-credit-hour and IFLR courses are normally 3 credits each. 

For planning purposes, MSU's proposed 2018-2019 academic year Lifelong tuition is $2,904.75 (per 3-credit course) for non-Michigan residents; and $2,266.50 (per 3-credit course) for Michigan residents. Final tuition rates for the 2018-2019 academic year will be announced in July 2018.

Current MSU students in other undergraduate or graduate degree programs

Your program's tuition rate applies.


Veterans pay the same rate as Michigan residents. Please visit the Registrar's veteran's information page for details.

Fees and Student Taxes

Lifelong Education students are not assessed the international student fee and are not assessed student taxes.

International student health insurance waiver

All international students are required to carry health insurance and will be automatically enrolled in Aetna Student Health. Students may apply to waive this insurance in certain situations. You can read about the health insurance waiver criteria here.

International students who live outside the United States: International students taking courses online who live outside the United States may request an automatic waiver of the international student health insurance fee, without proof of health insurance, from Elaine Smith or Laurie Schlenke in the MSU Student Accounts Office. 

International students living within the United States:  International students living within the United States are required to maintain a certain level of health insurance. Students living within the United States may request a waiver of the health insurance fee through the waiver system under their STUINFO account, under the “Other” tab and “Insurance Waiver.” Students must submit their health insurance policy information by the required deadline. A waiver will be granted if the student's existing policy meets the requisite minimum coverage itemized. The waiver will show under “Account Detail” in STUINFO. Learn more here.

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