Michigan 4-H offers our youth an opportunity to think globally, grow in their cultural awareness, and gain knowledge through broading their perspective of the world through our international exchange programs.

Hosting a student from another country or travelling abroad provides youth and families with so much: the ability to stand back from our own point and become aware of not only our own cultural values, beliefs, and perceptions, but also those of other cultures. Encourage your child today to grow globally, culturally, or intellectually with 4-H international exchange opportunities! 

Michigan 4-H partners with several organizations to provide both outbound and inbound international exchange opportunities.

International Programs At A Glance

Why take part in an international travel experience?

Young people who participate in 4-H international travel opportunities:

  • Develop an appreciation of the social, economic, political and cultural contributions of other countries.

  • Better understand how culture influences values, beliefs and attitudes.

  • Live with host families and actively participate in family life.

  • Practice foreign language, verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

  • Participate in an educational tour to acquire specific subject matter skills and knowledge.

  • Prepare to share the international experience through presentations in their Michigan community.

What participants have to say:

  • “We are having a great time hosting. When we take our Japanese student someplace we find we see things we thought we knew through different eyes, his.” -Host mother for Japanese delegate

  • “What I liked best about this experience was gaining a Polish sister and learning about the culture.” - Polish delegate host sister

  • “With whatever career I choose, I will be honest and respectful to everyone. That is what I learned.” - Delegate to Japan

  • “We are not All-American anymore because a wonderful blend of real German, Swedish, Swiss and Taiwanese habits has flavored our communications.” - IFYE host family

  • “My children who hosted and traveled continue to keep in touch with their host brothers in Japan and Belize. They have continued interest in other countries and cultures.” - Host mother

  • “At school, the geography classes are more interesting because we can find more countries on a map and know what life is like in other places.” - IFYE Host Sister

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