Conservatory Manager

Hiring Organization: Conservatory Manager
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: Omaha, NE
Application Deadline: July 2, 2014


This is an amazing opportunity to get in at the ground floor of the construction and planting of a brand new 17,500 square foot conservatory. Lauritzen Gardens of Omaha, Nebraska is in the process of building what will become the crown jewel in of the mid-west’s cultural landscape. This beautiful conservatory will house three distinct houses. The entrance to the conservatory will be through a large temperate house designed in the style of a Charleston, South Carolina courtyard garden. This house is unique in the nation in that it will go through a cold period in the winter to mimic the dormant season of the southeastern states. The next house will be the largest and is a highly designed tropical house that will include a large koi pond and year-round Victoria Water Lily pond. As the guests near the exit, they will pass through a gallery house and terrace that will house especially prized conservatory plants including orchids, bonsai, begonias, etc. on a rotating basis.

Since the Conservatory Manager will be joining our team during the construction process the right candidate will have joint responsibility for the selection, installation, and maintenance of plant material inside the conservatory in conjunction with the Director of Horticulture and landscape installation contractor. Some travel to nurseries around the US might be required to tag specific plants.

After the conservatory is up and running and open to the public the Conservatory Manager – under the direction of the Director of Horticulture – will be responsible for performing day-to-day horticulture among a team that will include a Senior Gardener and Gardener.

Essential Qualities/Experience:

  • The Conservatory Manager must have at least 5 years experience in a conservatory setting. Greenhouse experience may be considered if this experience included tropical material.

  • This professional must have excellent horticultural skills and be able to maintain the gardens under his or her care to the highest standards.

  • Excellent pest and disease identification and treatment skills.

  • Excellent conservatory plant identification and management skills; to include pruning, planting, soil mixing, fertilization, winterization (in the Temperate Zone house), shade management, etc.

  • Familiarity with Victoria Water Lily cultivation.

  • The Conservatory Manager must have excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills. He or she must be able to work cooperatively with representatives from various entities including contractors, landscapers, maintenance technicians, gardeners, etc.

  • He or she must be comfortable supervising two or more subordinate gardeners and any number of volunteers on a daily basis.

  • This person will require the ability to conduct year-out planning to ensure timely appropriation of materials needed to perform routine and special event conservatory projects.

    Preferred Qualities:

  • Experience managing people and volunteers.

  • Familiarity with koi and koi pond maintenance.

  • Some experience working with advanced conservatory environmental systems. We will also be hiring a systems maintenance specialist, so a high level of technical skills is not essential.


  • $35,000+

  • Relocation expenses can be provided.


For inquiries and to submit resumes please contact Laura Kastl, Director of Human Resources at 402-346-4002 ext 201 or Please include the title of the job you’re applying for in the email. 

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