Container Manager

Hiring Organization: Herman Losely and Son, Inc
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: Northeast, OH
Application Deadline: May 31, 2017


Job Requirements:

  1. Specific Requirements:
    1. Four year college degree in landscape horticulture or two years technical institute plus 2 years’ experience.
    2. Basic knowledge of plant identification, plant grading standards, pest identifications.

General Characteristics:

  1. Leadership ability:

Should be able to communicate, motivate, and gain the respect of supervisors and subordinates.

  1. Initiative:

Must be self-motivated and self-reliant within the scope of his/her experience.

  1. Alertness:

Should have the ability to understand instructions, to meet changing conditions.

  1. Creativity:

Should have a talent for having new ideas, for finding new and better ways to doing things.

  1. Housekeeping:

Should be able to maintain orderliness and cleanliness in work area.

  1. Stability:

Should have ability to work under  pressure.

  1. Responsible:

Must willingly assume the responsibility for the actions of himself/herself and his/her subordinates.

  1. Cooperativeness:

Must be able to cooperate with team members and other supervisors.






      I.         Personnel:

  1. Estimate needs.
  2. Recruit, hire, discharge.
  3. Train.
  4. Evaluate.
  5. Supervision of both quality and quantity of performance.
  6. Morale.
  7. Records- daily.

     II.         Culture:

  1. Potting mix.


  1. Estimate needs.
  2. Prepare.
  3. Develop best mix, estimate costs.
  4. Potting.
    1. Estimate material needs other than plants (pots, mulch, fertilizer, black plastic, etc.)
    2. Plan growing areas.
  • Winter protection needed.
  • Similar cultural requirements (water, spraying, etc.)
  1. Prepare plant material for potting.
  2. Develop efficient potting system.
  3. Nutrition:
    1. Develop fertilization program.
    2. Estimate needs, timeliness.
    3. Develop efficient application.
  4. Pruning:
    1. Trim plants at the appropriate time  for best quality.
    2. Coordinate cutting availability with propagator.
  5. Pesticide program:
    1. Herbicides, fungicides, insecticides.
    2. Responsible for all phases.
    3. Monitor re-entry times of personnel.
    4. Consult with spray personel, Extension, University, chemical vendors when necessary
  6. Irrigation:
    1. Develop systems.
    2. Responsible for all container irrigation.
    3. Maintain equipment.

   III.         Sales:

  1. Show container plants to prospective customers.
  2. Sell to customers at nursery.
  3. Assist office with sales documentation.
  4. Report on customer inquiries for specific plant material and plant sizes – help relate to future production.

   IV.         Inventory:

  1. Grade and count all containers.
  2. Record numbers and locations.
  3. Cooperate with office in preparing inventory.

     V.         Harvest:

  1. Grade, label, delivery to loading dock.
  2. All tools and equipment.

   VI.         Coordinate – communicate:

  1. Plant materials from beds, fields, propagation department and purchases.
  2. Equipment and trucks.
  3. Personnel.      

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