Enhancement Supervisor

Hiring Organization: Ed Castro Landscape
Employment type: Internship
Job Location: Atlanta, GA
Application Deadline: June 1, 2016

Enhancement Supervisor
Ed Castro Landscape Mission
For Ed Castro Landscape to become the south’s premier landscape design, construction, maintenance and horticultural services firm. To create gardens of beauty and comfort, coupling excellent customer service. To hire, train, and retain employees that are professionals and demonstrate unparalleled thoroughness and dedication to the highest standards of quality. To offer comprehensive landscape services, and qualifications to guide projects from design concept through construction while ensuring thriving and prolific landscapes.
Position Purpose:
This position provides Ed Castro Landscape Inc with the installation, seasonal maintenance, and clean ups of ECL small-scale projects and Maintenance Accounts. This position has close contact with many ECL clients and the Associate must have the ability to understand, communicate and implement client’s needs. The Supervisor will work with design consultants, managers, and directors in the company to learn, promote and enhance procedures and techniques used by Ed Castro Landscape to ensure satisfied customers as well as profitability, whilst performing work of the highest caliber.
• Ensure all load lists for the next days work are completed at the end of every day
• Provide excellent service to our customers
• Input into work habits of crews and how to increase productivity
• Ensure jobs are at or under budget
This position reports to the Enhancement Manager
Key Accountabilities:
• The client must have confidence in the ability of the Supervisor to fulfill their needs to the fullest extent.
• The knowledge of pruning and planting techniques.
• Daily communication with the Enhancement Manager/Project Manager.
• Supervises and coordinates employees work to ensure quality of workmanship.
• Ensure all job-sites are kept clean by ECL
• Provide effective labor and efforts on the job.
• Maintains accurate inventories of all materials at job sites and report to manager any changes required to the jobs.
• Accurate layout of Enhancement installations per blueprints.
Background, Experience and Knowledge:
• Installation techniques and technology
• Crew supervision
• Customer relations and communication
• Plant material identification and use
• Equipment knowledge
• Soil types and benefits
• Pesticide Test and Turf Grass Certification
• Industry Standards – UAC and NALP
Frequently Used Procedures/Guidelines:
• On site work orders
• Payroll time reporting
• Production Schedule
• ECL Handbook, ECL Policies and Procedures Handbook
• ECL Standards of Operation
Education Requirements:
Three - five years related enhancement supervisor experience. The Enhancement Supervisor will show willingness and capability of continuing education through workshops, classes, and collaboration with ECL associates.
Personal Traits – This Enhancement Supervisor:
• Can deal effectively with resistant employees
• Works effectively with higher management
• Links responsibilities with the mission of the whole organization
• Has a pleasant disposition and even temperament. Acceptance of unavoidable tension and pressure
• Shows interest in the needs, hopes, and dreams of other people
• Admits personal mistakes, learns from them, and moves on to correct the situation
• Relates to all kinds of individuals tactfully, from shop floor to top executive
• Coaches employees in how to meet expectations
• When working with peers from other functions or units, gains their co-operations and support
• Quickly masters new vocabulary and operating rules needed to understand how the business works
• Rewards hard work and dedication to excellence
• In implementing a change, explains, answers questions, and patiently listens to concerns
• Uses effective listening skills to gain clarification from others
• Accepts change as positive
• Gains commitment of others before implementing changes
• Used good timing and common sense in negotiating; makes their point when the time is ripe and does it diplomatically
• Can effectively lead an operation from its inception though completion
• Voluntarily starting projects. Attempting non routine jobs and tasks
• Dependability and trustworthiness
Position Description Updates:
This description will be reviewed on an as needed basis. Ed Castro Landscape reserves the right to alter the position description with or without notice. This position description is not a contract of employment and does not alter the employment relationship.
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