Environmental Design, Sales, and Planning Internship

Hiring Organization: Natural Community Services
Employment type: Internship
Job Location: Southfield, MI
Application Deadline: May 2, 2014


Natural Community Services (NCS) Internship Program is to inspire and develop students’ creative and analytical skills for green infrastructure design, conservation planning, sustainability of landscapes, ecosystems, geological and water resources. NCS’ Environmental Intern will have opportunities to assess, plan, draw, model, restore, monitor, and link urban and rural ecosystems, compose sustainable designs, interpret/apply environmental regulations to various filed sites, and educate SE MI clients under the mentorship of experienced native landscape designers, restoration practitioners, conservation/environmental planning leaders in their respective fields. NCS intern will be fostered in learning and becoming productive workers in sustainable design, applied ecology, and environmental planning sciences, and given an introduction to the business operations of a diverse green infrastructure, ecological and environmental services company.


  •   MINIMUM GPA 3.5 (Include copy of transcript with response to this solicitation)

  •   Intern shall have education and/or experience in CAD-based landscape or other design software (such as Trimble Sketchup, LandCADD) AND ArcGIS/GoogleEarthPro, or similar/both

  •   Intern shall have interest in both design and planning using GIS, and able to use MS Excel

  •   Ability to interpret and write technical specifications; have interest in green infrastructure. Interns education and/or experience shall include exposure to green infrastructure concepts

  •   Intern must have excellent people skills – She/he will work closely with Principal and Landscape Ecologist to survey, plan, and graphically express project site data and environmental conditions

  •   Internship positions include the following: supervision, training, orientation and evaluation.

  •   Give complete copies of required forms that students are required to sign as a condition of their internship from academic institution

  •   Intern must be able to work a flexible and project dependent work-schedule

  •   Assure students will have assistance with training, materials, and/or other items required to perform job and learn skills as required by this internship.

  •   Capacity to operate and communicate via social media

Environmental Design, Sales, and Planning Internship Description

  • Minimum duration of an internship runs 9 weeks, with longer periods of time optimal. The Environmental Planning position focuses on survey/monitoring, GIS/data analysis/information system management, planning, design, ecological restoration, and stormwater green infrastructure. Work with Principal Ecologist to help meet objectives of all current projects within NCS:
    • Education, Outreach, and Sales of Environmental Planning,
    • Ecosystem Services Planning and Invasive Species management
    • Native Landscape Design
    • Stormwater, erosion control, and sustainable site planning
    • Invasive Species Ecology, Natural Resources, and Stewardship Planning – Site assessments
    • Software functions- Assist with GIS, data, maps and updating NCS websites/social media
    • Field environmental projects-Gain hands-on experience with a wide range of ecological restoration, environmental and natural resource projects, planning, and monitoring them – including soils and hydrologic analysis
    • Travel to sites and assist with field work, repairs and sampling as required.
    • Writing environmental safety plans
    • Client sales – communications, meetings, deliverable plans, surveys
    • Spatial survey, sketching/rendering, and computer-aided design of green infrastructure • Management of NCS cloud geospatial, environmental, design, and business data
    • Social media planning, sales and marketing


Natural Community Services accomplishes restoration, consulting, ecosystem, landscape and social goals (using planning methods proven to ameliorate disturbed soils), hydrology, wildlife, and vegetation, while establishing locally indigenous pre-settlement conditions. Based on client needs we conduct species inventory, habitat assessment, design and planning, invasive species control, biological control, expert research, referencing and cooperator facilitation, and the management of ecosystems. As an intern with Natural Community Services, we are here to serve you and our communities, we're thrilled to watch them grow! Come be a part of an exciting internship program where you can participate in projects that match your interests, and work in southeast Michigan’s most scenic and challenging places!


The successful applicant will apply knowledge and skills related to Environmental and Ecological Planning, Design, GIS, Sales/account management and related software for ecosystem, landscape, and environmental planning projects. Under supervision of the Principal Ecologist, the Intern will assist in site assessments, data collection, mapping, and sales/management of project clients. Design/Sales intern will also work under direction of NCS staff in the removal of non-native plant species, native seed collection/planting, invasive/native plant species monitoring, soil, hydrological, forestry, and wildlife/biotic sampling, planning/design, as needed. Managing the office in a field day situation and fielding calls from stakeholders and staff is expected experience.

Use of NCS’ company cloud data and computer systems is a primary part of this position, and client data shall remain confidential. Prudent sales/client response is of the essence, and this position has a distinct role in facilitating client interactions. The applicant may also participate in basic tasks of site inventory and monitoring both native and invasive species, as well as routine team fieldwork managing these species. Although the majority of duties will be carried out in metro Detroit area, with many design projects at NCS office, the applicant may spend some significant time at field sites in southern Michigan.


***VIP – This position requires an outgoing and engaging personality, a basic understanding of environmental issues and the ability to clearly communicate about them, desire to learn the art of sales, business management and financial transactions, knowledge or ability to learn quickly geospatial software and a high-level of organization and integrity. Design training and artistic creativity strongly preferred.

  • Related interest /experience and desire/progress in gaining a degree in ecological design or environmental planning related field (Environmental Science/Engineering, Ecology, Natural Resources, Landscape Design/Architecture, and Regional/Urban/Environmental Planning)
  • Experience/interest in native vegetation, wildlife, soil science, hydrology, wetland ecology
  • Interest or experience in learning design software and GIS features
  • Experience performing physical work installing green infrastructure and managing invasive species Expect to gain and/or improve the SKILLS Below, and be formally documented (for resume or University Internship program):
  • Environmental and financial statistics ratios and averages used in calculating materials and environmental costs, as part of project estimating and ecological data analysis
  • Ability to organize data and GIS maps into succinct and usable forms to guide projects
  • Skills in CAD drawing to express native landscape designs in a form usable to clients
  • Training and experience in landscape design, ecological restoration and land/water management. • Experience working with or knowledge of and interest in natural systems.
  • Ability to recognize plant and animal species required to complete management activities
  • Ability to operate various types of equipment in an efficient manner (e.g.;GPS, GIS, computers, phones/PDAs, field equipment
  • Client services – needs assessment, plan strategy, sales, estimating , bidding
  • Management and leadership – making suggestion to clients and staff regarding design and conservation planning methods and goals. Plan for safety issues and terrain to perform physical work, to judge and use logic to minimize adverse conditions like heat, slopes, injury hazards, poisonous organisms, inclement weather
  • Create and Maintain lists, records, and guides on safety and environmental health documents such as first aid, commercial herbicides, maintenance chemicals.
  • PC, CAD, GPS, and GIS technology skills including database knowledge, in order to maintain preserve and restoration records. Updating and improving NCS website, and social media pages.
  • Knowledge of or ability to learn environmental regulations such as NPDES, NEPA, 404/303 CWA in regards to sedimentation, wetlands, RTE species, and other ecological and environmental areas


Natural Community Services believes in spreading “green fire” – an environmental education and stewardship manifesto which both instills Environmental Design, Planning and Ecological Restoration’s core competencies and gives a continuous learning ethic to:
Planning and Environmental Market Data Systems

NCS desires to give the intern the tools they need to share conservation outreach information and ecological education to all types of groups. GIS/GPS, survey skills, database management, prioritization strategy, as well as adaptive processes are emphasized. Website design and web/social marketing will be implemented. Sales of sustainable designs are based on obtaining accurate information about client and site resources, and analyzing them strategically.


NCS Environmental Planning/Design/Sales intern has the goal and mission of composing clear and attractive design drawings that meet each client’s individual needs. They will be ready to use a variety of interpretive and CAD techniques and new media to ensure the ecological restoration message is heard, understood, acknowledged, and remembered. The proper use of native plant species in facilitating, wildlife habitat, water quality, aesthetic and maintenance functions shall be emphasized.


The founder of the company brings a strong background of interpretive and interactive sales, planning and implementing green infrastructure designs, and presenting and interpreting complex information for a variety of audiences, and will guide environmental education standards for the intern. Personal client meetings and calls as well as social media enabling integration of sustainable and client-friendly practices will be encouraged. The intern shall be compensated in commission for this portion of the job (see below)

Internship Progress Report

***Annual intern report, co-authored by Principal Ecologist and Intern, will be submitted as a record of work, education, and conservation/restoration accomplishments of intern, in cooperation with academic institution as/if needed. The Environmental Planning/Design/Sales Intern may expect an accountability document defining his/her progress in:

  • May resolve sustainable design problems independently as delegated.
  • Consult with supervisor to develop plans for resolution of unusual or complex projects.
  • Monitor the progress of design and planning projects toward achieving planning and restoration management goals.
  • May be looked to as an expert is GIS and geospatial analysis
  • Should learn and become capable of interpreting appropriate environmental and ecological regulations which impact green infrastructure and natural areas management
  • Consults Principal and/or Landscape Ecologist on unusual or complex design, planning, restoration, and monitoring issues.
  • Make day-to-day decisions as delegated.
  • Receives detailed instructions to complete required tasks.
  • May work under close supervision or periodic supervision.
  • Instructs or trains non-planning staff on GIS and other software as needed, and may help plan and direct special projects.
  • Ability to convey work instructions to other NCS team members.
  • Ability to interact with the public and to convey company information, facilitating client interactions • Ability to function productively as a member or leader of a work team.
  • Ability to effectively use drawing, phone, in-person, and internet education/ sales time
  • Ability to effectively and efficiently schedule time for planning, implementation, sales, maintenance, and financial and site record-keeping and database administration.

The Environmental Planning Intern at NCS may work in variable weather conditions, at remote/home office, on difficult and hazardous terrain, and under physically demanding circumstances, including field work/ergonomics, eye-strain from electronic devices, etc. These conditions:

  • Require occasional physical exertion, endurance, and/or muscular strain, be able to lift 50lbs.
  • Require occasional long hours: in harsh-environments and electronic-office settings/indoor lighting • Require a level of integrity, including signing a confidentiality agreement to ensure responsible use of equipment etc.


Natural Community Services offers competitive compensation, flexible work policies and a collaborative, LEARNING-ORIENTED work environment, AND CONTACTS AND NATURAL EXPERIENCES to the best places in Southeast Michigan. We also provide professional development and promote from within. As a result, you will find a culture that supports and inspires innovation, professional development, a client-oriented sales culture, conservation and restoration achievement and personal development, both within the workplace and beyond.


Intern shall be compensated at a rate of $11 per hour for field & office work and for any sales on a commission basis-

If you meet the requirements have these interests, please email transcript and resume to:

John DeLisle, PWS●Principal Ecologist & Owner

Natural Community Services, LLC EnvironmentalConsulting●EcologicalRestoration●NativeLandscapes

30775 Longcrest Southfield, MI 48076 248-672-7611 j_delisle@hotmail.com http://naturalcommunityservices.webs.com/ 

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