Farmer's Market Manager

Hiring Organization: Dane County Farmer's Market
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: WI
Application Deadline: February 11, 2014

Manager Job Opening

The Dane County Famers' Markey seeks applicants for the position of Market Manager. The position is avialable beginning April 1, 2014. The manager supervises the daily operation of teh Saturday market, the Wednesday market and the indoor Winder Market (approx. 300 vendors). The Manager also administer a 200K budget and serves as teh Market's principal representative. The ideal manager is as comfortable visiting a vendor's farm as attending a meeting with city officials. This high-profile position requires an individual with demonstrated adminstrative and people skills and with the ablity to fill a variety of roles- from mediator to enforcer, from leader to follwer-cmpetently gracefully. For more information on the position:

Send cover letter, resume and reference by February 10, 2014:

Position Summary:

Market manager reports to the board of directors and is responsible for the following:

  • Financial transactions and record keeping
  • Clerical tasks and general office management
  • Communication with agencies, governmental bodies, the media and members
  • Enforcement of market rules as outlined n the by-laws and rule book 
  • Oversight of the orderly functioning of the Wednesday and Saturday outdoor markets and the Winter Markets 
  • Supervision of Market employees and contractors

Function as teh Financial Officer

  • Timely payment of bills
  • Oversee payment of taxes, insurance, salaries, dues
  • Timely collection and deposit of fees, dues and sales monies form members
  • Maintain accurate financial records
  • Prepare financial records for submission to accountant on a yearly bais
  • Present current financial reports to the Board at each regular meeting
  • Create and present an annual budget
  • Provide additional financial information to board, as requested
  • Keep records for teh SNAP program.

Function as teh Office Manager

  • Maintain accurate information on all vendors to include at least, applications, licenses, inspection reports, communications.
  • Maintain seniority list
  • Assign stalls according to such list
  • Maintain member database and provide annual comparative report to board
  • Arrange for the design, printing and mailing of market materials
  • obtain and maintain permits, rental agreements, services, and eqipment necessary for for the operation of the market.
  • Procure suppies necessary in the S of the market amd to assist members
  • Respond to inquiries by public and by members.
  • Prepare agendas for meetings after consulation with president and Board members
  • Provide copes of minutes to board prior to meeting, submit for approval and publish summaries for membership.
  • Attend board meetings.
  • Respond to board directed inquires through investigtion, research and reporting.
  • Create and send periodic newsletters.
  • Coordinate elections according to procedures outlined in the bylaws.
  • Call special meetins as allowed under section 4.2 of the bylaws
  • Supervise the maintenance of DCFM web site.

Serve as Public Liaison and Market Representative

  • Coordinate and cooperate with city, state and/or private organizations to promote benefit the market, as needed or directed by the board.
  • Prepare report concerning activities related to above for board
  • Maintain positive public relations
  • Participate in media interviews and events
  • Prepare press releases, advertising and public service announcements

Serve as Enforcement Officer of DanceCounty Farmers' Market Rules

  • Make policy recommendation
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