Gardening Foreman

Hiring Organization: Fitzgerald Landscapes
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: Aspen, CO
Application Deadline: May 31, 2017

Job Description 

Position Title: Gardening Foreman/Horticulturist 

Reports To: Estimator/Project Manager and Company Owner, Katherine Fitzgerald 

Job Summary 

Manager will be responsible for maintenance and installation crews, work directly with landscape designers and clients and should possess excellent communication skills. Position will incorporate some design work. Focus will be on plant selection with landscape architects and overseeing of delivery all plant materials for new installs, containers and ensuring the wellbeing of all plants on the maintenance contracts. 

Job Responsibilities-primary 

* Represent Fitzgerald Landscaping and Design in a professional and knowledgeable manner at all times; whilst maintaining effective communication with all clients, employees and venders. This will include using our clocking in and out system called Exact time. 

* Organizing and supervising maintenance and install crews. You will have a lead that you can delegate to so that you are not required to be on site at all times. Report any findings to Estimator, Owner and client. 

* Ensure that customer files are accurately updated regularly. Assessing a site's potential to meet the client's specifications and matching these with your knowledge of what will work best. You will have access to an administrator who will be allocated to help you keep these files updated for half a day per week. 

* Ensure Fitzgerald Landscaping and Design high standards and policies on all products and services are accurately conveyed to clients and venders. 

* Trouble shoot, identify opportunities for improvement and address any complaints and requests in a thorough and efficient manner. 

* Oversee the design of a variety of projects, liaising with other professionals such as landscape architects and designers on projects in order to execute site construction in the highest quality manner. This will include securing materials for projects on an as needed basis. Where materials are needed communicate to Project manager/Estimator so that purchase orders can be generated and plants ordered. Organize delivery of materials to 

site through coordination with Estimator/Sales Manager. Meet with project manager once a week to organize plant delivery schedule. 

* Establishing general landscape requirements with clients; assessing a site's potential to meet the client's specifications and matching these with your knowledge of what will work best. 

* Ensuring health and wellbeing of all plants received and installed on site. Responsible for the diagnostics of disease, illnesses, watering, preparing growth media and soil mixes, fertilization, insect and disease control, and establishing and monitoring plant growth environments. Ensuring that all plants thrive through preventative solutions. 

* Develop new business opportunities. 

Job responsibilities-secondary 

* Will serve in secondary assistance in estimating landscape construction projects to the Estimator/Project Manager. 

* Create and coordinate final project punch lists and complete project closeout in a timely and efficient manner. 

* Research competitors and analyze business trends and issues in the local and national area.


Education Experience and Skills Required 

* Bachelors or equivalent degree in Horticulture or a related field. 

* Experience reading plans and specifications. 

* Experience estimating and organizing complex landscape construction projects. 

* Excellent organizational skill, time management and a proven ability to provide attention to detail. 

* Capacity to conduct a multitude of tasks through effectively prioritizing and delegation in order to guarantee meeting deadlines. 

* An ability to coordinate employees to achieve projects in an efficient and cost effective manner. 

* Exceptional interpersonal skills and strong written skills. 

* Pesticide applicator or supervisor license preferred.

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