Hiring Organization: Bell Nursery USA, LLC
Employment type: Internship
Job Location: MD
Application Deadline: October 2, 2013

Internship Goal:

To provide a hands-on greenhouse experience focused on finished plant production; experience each department within Bell Nursery, seeing how each department interacts and contributes to the company’s goals; and to develop management skills in evaluation of problems, opportunities and business.


  • 6 months- Jan 15 through June 15

  • 6months – June 15 through December 15

  • 3 month – May 15 through August 15



    Work Hours:

    Regular work hours are 7:30 am – 4:00 pm. Intern is encouraged to regulate hours based on needs of the department to which they are currently assigned.

    Program Overview:

    Bell Nursery offers a comprehensive Internship program. We believe that training new horticultural professionals is mutually beneficial both to Bell Nursery as well as the intern. The internship will be focused primarily on growing and production, but by allowing the Intern to work directly in each department, the experience will be more comprehensive and rewarding to the intern for their future employment.

    While focused on the grower position, interns will work in all departments, moving through the company in a logical fashion. They will be challenged to not only perform the tasks assigned in their department but to also think about the management decisions that any company must consider in today’s economic environment.

    As such, Bell Nursery USA, LLC. will only accept Interns who are highly qualified, highly motivated and have the desire to participate in the Intern program as it has been designed.

    Intern Project:

    Each Intern will complete a project during the 6 month Internship. Projects are selected based on company need and the interest of the Intern. Project resources will be provided as needed. Time to work on the project will also be provided depending on the nature of the project. The project will be completed prior to the end of the Intern program at the end of June. The Intern and Intern Coordinator will identify the project in the first 6 weeks of the intern’s start of the program. The Intern will present their project to the company in a formal presentation during their last week.

Intern Requirements:

Interns must submit the following prior to the beginning the Intern program.

  • Cover letter

  • Current resume

  • 1 page statement of goals of their goals for the Internship

  • Reference letter(s)

  • Employment application online

  • Intern Agreement (returned shortly after verbally accepting internship)

  • Confidentiality Agreement (completed on first day on site) 

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