Hiring Organization: Neptune Hops
Employment type: Internship
Application Deadline: May 1, 2014
Job Location: Cedar, MI

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Full time paid internship. 40 hours /week in May through July; 30 hours / week in August and September $15/hour. Neptune Hops is a hops farm in Cedar, MI, Leelanau County. We are looking for an incoming junior or senior or graduate agricultural science student to work from mid‐May through the end of August or early September. We have some flexibility.

What you need to have with you:

At least 2 years of agricultural studies under your belt; graduate studies a plus

A valid driver’s license.

An interest in agriculture and some experience on a farm, and independent problem‐solving skills.

The ability to work in the yard including during the rain, and operate farm equipment including tractors, aerial lift, weed trimmer, truck, etc. (We can show you specific equipment).

2 letters of recommendation from agricultural professors or former employers.

You will learn about optimizing hops production by regulating soil amendments, fertilizer and irrigation while working in the 3.5 acre yard we installed in 2013 and the 6.5 acre yard we are installing in 2014. You will have the help of an outside agronomist, but only on a limited basis, so you will need to be able to learn through independent study.

What the summer will look like:

In May and early June, you will assist with the installation of the second yard. As the plants in the first yard begin growing, you will trim the early growth. By early to mid‐June, you will help string the first yard and train the hops bines onto the twine, scouting the yard on a daily basis for signs of pest or fungus. As needed, you will spray the first yard in June and July with fungicide or insecticide (closed cab tractor and sprayer on site). In June through August, you will need to periodically mow between rows, change tractor implements, remove weeds around plants and check the soil and irrigation system. There will be a crew around from mid‐May to early June, working primarily on the second yard. In late June and July you will assist with the installation of the second yard irrigation system and planting of the second yard plants. You will post some updates on the status of the yard on social media. Other miscellaneous work such as manure pick up, compost pile development, lime and fertilizer spreading.

From late June through August, you will have assistance in the yards, but many days you will work alone. There will be a need for some online research which can be done on inclement weather days.

Send resume to: John Bolan, Neptune Hops (513) 923‐0435 

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