Parks Forestry Section

Hiring Organization: CITY OF MADISON
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: Madison, WI
Application Deadline: January 23, 2018

General Description


This is responsible professional, technical, and supervisory work in directing and coordinating of the field operations for the Parks Forestry Section. The work involves supervising the activities of a large staff, both permanent and seasonal, through subordinate supervisors.  This work includes development and implementation of in-service training programs; and development and coordination of projects related to plant health care and urban forest maintenance operations. The position also directs and monitors tree protection requirements for construction activities impacting trees in the right-of-way; provides public information services; develops and coordinates hazardous materials management activities; and planning, outlining and coordinating for short and long-term/coordinated projects and section activities. Under the general supervision of the Parks Operations Manager, this position is responsible for exercising independent judgment and discretion in scheduling and monitoring daily work; managing the forestry field office; overseeing hiring of seasonal staff, and related personnel and labor relations activities.

Examples of Duties and Responsibilities

Supervise the daily field operations of the Forestry Section.
  • Responsible for setting tree district cycle pruning and small tree cycle pruning goals. Determine priorities and communicate assignments to forepersons, clerical, forestry specialists and seasonal staff.
  • Coordinate the hiring, promotion, evaluation, discipline, training of staff.Participate with the City Forester in disciplinary procedures and handling employee grievances. Schedule and approve leave time of subordinate staff.
  • Inspect and evaluate the work completed by subordinate staff.
  • Coordinate snow removal on assigned snow removal routes and schedule staff support to the Streets Division all general plow efforts. Coordinates the grubbing of stumps with Streets Division.
  • Develops, plans and schedules planting of trees within the public right of way.  Manage and coordinate updates of street tree inventory.
  • Coordinate the dissemination of utility planting routes for street tree planting and obtain digging ticket number from Digger's Hotline and notify section staff of ticket number
  • Coordinate the purchasing and delivery of tree stock. Monitor budget expenditures. Order necessary supplies and materials. Assist in preparing specifications for equipment.
  • Verify daily records prepared by subordinate staff. Compile and prepare weekly, monthly, quarterly and special reports.  

Plans and coordinate the Forestry Section's plant health care management program

  • Diagnosis and treatment of pest problems including insects, diseases, and abiotic disorders.  Monitors pest incidence and population levels. Develops, implements and evaluates Forestry Section's operations plan for invasive and exotic pests.
  • Coordinates, consults and makes recommendations on pesticide application programs including proper materials, equipment, calibration, methods, timing and personal protective equipment
  • Coordinates, manages, schedules and supervises the Emerald Ash Borer Operations Plan including the injection of city owned ash trees and preemptive removals of ash.
  • Monitors pesticide use; maintains pesticide application records, current pesticide manual. Requisition, delivery, and manage section's inventory of pesticides and chemical.  Maintain current file of material safety data sheets on all potentially hazardous substances in section use.Assure section compliance with local, state, and federal pesticide and hazardous materials regulations governing storage, application, worker protection, disposal and emergency response.
  • Coordinates cooperative state and federal quarantine and control programs for exotic and invasive landscape pests (Ex. Gypsy moth, Emerald Ash Borer, Oak Wilt, etc.).
Plans, coordinates and provides technical training activities of the Section
  • Coordinates the field and classroom training in arboriculture and forestry operations standards of practice for all new forestry employees
  • Develops and implements in-service training program for section to include both in-house and outside instructional resources
  • Trains section staff as instructors for in-service programs
  • Develops, acquires and maintains current written and visual instructional materials
  • Develops, implements and coordinates staff training for on the job safety including the proper operation of equipment and tools, establishing work zones, compliance of ANSI Z133 Safety Standards for Arborists.
Oversee construction and code enforcement activities.
  • Coordinate and regulate contractor activities impacting all city owned trees.
  • Coordinate the inspection and evaluation of Private Development Plans, contracted tree care and planting operations, Engineering Projects for street tree protection methods and requirements.
  • Enforce, record and submit fines for negligible street tree damage to appropriate city agencies.
  • Coordinate the inspection of privately owned trees for compliance of Madison General Ordinances as related to Dutch Elm Disease, Emerald Ash Borer, and Oak Wilt.
  • Coordinate staff to inspect privately owned trees and prepare written tree evaluations for City's Building Enforcement Division. Defend appeals related to code enforcement orders.
  • Coordinate and manage forestry specialist's involvement in the City's Sidewalk Repair program.
Assist City Forester, as needed.
  • Represent City Forester at meetings, as assigned
  • Assist City Forester in preparing projections and justifications of personnel, equipment and supply needs for budget development purposes.
  • Provide presentations for the public, as assigned.
  • Perform other related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications

Minimum Qualifications:
  • Associates's degree in urban forestry, forestry technician, natural resources or related field, AND
  • At least two (2) years related forestry field experience, AND
  • One (1) year responsible supervisory experience of a larger staff in an organization at the level of foreperson or above.
  • A Bachelor's degree in forestry, forest management, urban forestry, landscape architecture, horticulture, natural resources or a related field. Additional years of responsible forestry experience can be substituted for the degree on a year for year basis, AND
  • One (1) year of responsible supervisory experience of a larger staff in an organization at the level of foreperson or above.
If an applicant does not possess the specific requirements outlined above, HR will review the application materials to determine if the applicant possesses the following equivalent experience:
Four (4) years experience in applying the following:
  • Correct methods, techniques, equipment, tools and materials used in planting/transplanting, pruning, removing, treating, fertilizing, and inspecting shade and ornamental trees and shrubs.
  • Managing tree-related insect and disease problems such as Dutch Elm disease, Oak Wilt, Gypsy Moth, etc., and proper control measures.
  • Proper safety precautions necessary to protect employees and property and awareness of occupational hazards of all phases of tree maintenance work.
  • Computers and the ability to use computer software applicable to the duties of the position such GIS database tools and work order systems.
Two (2) years experience in applying the following:
  • Full range of supervisory principles and practices, labor relations and personnel management.
  • Creation and administration of annual operations budgets.
  • Personnel and equipment utilization techniques and practices.
Familiarity with the following:
  • Quality/customer focus management principles and practices.
  • Basic office procedures, report writing and urban forestry tree inventory methodologies.
The City of Madison strives to provide exceptional customer service to all its residents and visitors. Therefore successful candidates will have demonstrated ability to effectively work with multicultural communities.
For the complete list of the knowledge, skills, and abilities, please reference the Forestry Operations Supervisor classification specification.

Special Requirements

Possession of a valid Class B Wisconsin Commercial Driver's License. The successful candidate must have passed the written portion of the relevant Department of Transportation testing process before starting employment. A condition of continued employment is passage of the skills portion of the test and obtaining the required operator's license within six (6) months of start date.

Possession of, or ability to obtain a State of Wisconsin Category 3.0, Turf and Landscape Pesticide Certification and license within 6 months of appointment.
Physical requirements:
Ability to work for prolonged periods in harsh weather conditions causing work-related emergencies (e.g. tornados; ice, wind and thunderstorms; etc.) Ability to visit a variety of field works sites (e.g., wooded areas, hilly and uneven terrain, wetlands, shorelines, etc.) and inspect work. Ability to lift 50 pounds. Ability to respond to after hour emergency calls.
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