Project Manager

Hiring Organization: Ed Castro Landscape
Employment type: Internship
Application Deadline: June 1, 2016
Job Location: Atlanta, GA

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Project Manager
Ed Castro Landscape Mission
For Ed Castro Landscape to become the south’s premier landscape design, construction, maintenance and horticultural services firm. To create gardens of beauty and comfort, coupling excellent customer service. To hire, train, and retain employees that are professionals and demonstrate unparalleled thoroughness and dedication to the highest standards of quality. To offer comprehensive landscape services, and qualifications to guide projects from design concept through construction while ensuring thriving and prolific landscapes.
Position Purpose:
The Project Manager position holds the responsibilities for the total management of all projects assigned to them. This entails project objectives, standards, schedules, budgets and design - together with monitoring and control of the entire construction process. The Project Manager also controls contract budgets, schedules, the project’s accuracy and production.
The Project Manager will assist the landscape design team in preparing specifications, cost estimates, contract
documents and obtain all field data for accurate record keeping. This position will require working knowledge of landscape architectural design and construction.
• Bring estimated project on time and on budget
• Exceed fiscal construction goal
• Ability to interface and excel within established organization structure
• Identify and capture adjustments on project through change orders and agreements and schedules
This position reports to the Operations Manager.
Key Accountabilities:
• Upon request, provide budgetary and technical input during the proposal and contract development stage.
• Track job costs to include labor, materials and subcontracted work.
• Process field and design information to bring the job on or under budget.
• Utilization of vendors and subcontractors.
• Familiarity with industry practices and terminology.
• Knowledge of local plant pallet, soil conditions and microclimates.
• Monitor client accounts to ensure all contractual commitments are met.
• Exhibit proactive sales techniques that lead to increased revenue for the company.
• Work closely with other employees to maintain and improve customer retention efforts.
• Minimize the professional liability associated with the project.
• Manage change order process for assigned construction projects.
• Collaborate with Landscape Designers to improve the project and departmental efficiency.
• Management of multiple crews within different departments.
• Material procurement on time and on budget.
• Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
• Strategic and tactical organizational and implementation skills
• Lead teams, establish relationships, build trust and create a strong sense of leadership among field crews.
Key Accountabilities Specific to the Commercial Project Manager:
• Understand and fully utilize AIA documents
• AIA documents for subcontractors and clients
• Working knowledge of substantial completion and progress billing
• Ability to adapt and adopt to client billing format
• Develop a working knowledge of commercial contracts to include legal components. This is critical to mitigating and eliminating any potential liabilities.
• Working knowledge of liens
• Ability to bid and understand bid packages
• Manage multi-disciplined projects and coordinating materials, equipment, and scheduling
• Develop familiarity with scheduling software, part. Microsoft calendar, and utilize scheduling for all components for projects
• Ability to manage subcontractors on site and build repoire with partners (subcontractors, clients, ECL staff) Background, Experience and Knowledge:
• Principles and practices of modern landscape design and construction.
• Landscape management and construction
• Superior written and verbal communication skills
• Customer relations and communication background
• Familiar with ECL core business concepts and practices
• Strong skills of Horticulture
• Organizational skills, communication, problem solving and PC skills
• Excellent people skills
• Computer software including Microsoft Office/Word/Excel/Outlook, Include Asset, Email and Voice mail proficiencies
• ALCA Standards
• Plant material identification and use
• Sales / sales relationship management
• Job costing and budgeting Frequently Used Procedures/Guidelines:
• Proposals, contracts
• Job analysis, billing and budgets
• Change Orders
• ECL Handbook, ECL Policies and Procedures Handbook
• ECL Standards of Operation
• Include Asset Software: Job Manager, Catalog Manager, Proposal Manager, Client Manager, Call Manager, Schedule Manager, and Vendor Manager
Education Requirements:
BS / BA college degree in a related field and five years related Management experience and/or equivalent. The Project Manager will show willingness and capability of continuing education through workshops, classes, and professional memberships.
Personal Traits – This Project Manager
• Does homework before making a proposal to top management
• Can deal effectively with resistant employees
• Works effectively with higher management
• Understands higher management values, how higher management operates, and how they see things
• Links responsibilities with the mission of the whole organization
• Has a pleasant disposition
• Shows interest in the needs, hopes, and dreams of other people
• Can handle criticism and critiques from peers with poise
• Admits personal mistakes openly, learns from them, and moves on to correct the situation
• Relates to all kinds of individuals tactfully, from shop floor to top executive
• Can effectively lead an operation from its inception though completion
• Learns from the corrective actions taken from mistakes of management
• Accepts change as positive
• When working with peers from other functions or units, gains their co-operation and support
• Quickly masters new vocabulary and operating rules needed to understand how the business works
• Uses good timing and common sense in negotiating; makes their point when the time is ripe and does it diplomatically
• Masters new work unit knowledge necessary to understand how the business works
• Voluntarily starting projects. Attempting non routine jobs and tasks
• Rewards hard work and dedication to excellence
• Uses effective listening skills to gain clarification from others
• Can effectively lead an operation from its inception though completion
• Learns from the corrective actions taken from mistakes of management
• Dependability and trustworthiness Has an even temperament. Acceptance of unavoidable tension and pressure
Position Description Updates:
This description will be reviewed annually during the 1st quarter of our fiscal year.
Ed Castro Landscape reserves the right to alter the position description with or without notice. This
position description is not a contract of employment and does not alter the employment relationship.
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