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Urban Forester

Hiring Organization: The City of Jacksonville
Employment type: Full-Time
Application Deadline: June 16, 2017
Job Location: Jacksonville, FL

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This is professional forestry work at the supervisory level in planning, organizing, and directing urban forestry activities as it related to tree maintenance. The work requires thorough knowledge of urban forestry, arboriculture, botany, and horticultural principles and practices, and use of specialized skills in recommending, developing and administering urban forestry maintenance plans, policies and procedures, which is acquired through a combination of education, training and on the job experience.  Plans, assigns, schedules, monitors, directs, reviews and evaluates the work of assigned staff, field crews and contractors engaged in maintenance,  care and removal.  Contacts require skill in understanding and influencing people and are important in disseminating technical information and advice to public officials and the general public regarding forestry-related regulations, proper forestry techniques and forestry-related projects.  The forestry work is standardized in that tasks are covered by substantially diversified procedures and specialized standards, and because of the changing priorities, or different situations, incumbents have the latitude to consider which of the many procedures or standards should be followed and in what sequence.  The work involves differing situations requiring use of judgment in search for solutions or new applications within ones' known experiences.  Work is performed in both an office and field environment where risks and hazards are minimal, known, predictable, and controllable.  Operates a utility vehicle and standard office equipment such as computer, calculator and copier.  Physical demands consist mainly of visually inspecting trees, using equipment and occasionally lifting objects weighing up to 40 pounds.  Work is performed under limited supervision where work assignments are subject to established procedures, practices or well-defined policies and is reviewed, usually after the fact, in terms of quality, timeliness, and adherence to methods, standards and policies. 

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