Vertical Farming Competition

Employment type: Temporary
Application Deadline: March 18, 2014

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General Information

Green Spirit Farms is opening a "VF" in Scranton, New York that is more than 350,000 square feet (single story). I also wanted to tell you that I am entering a competition for agriculture innovation that is giving out grants to students. If you know of anyone who is also very interested in vertical farming/ponics let me know as I am looking for one or two more members to add to the team.

Contact Information

My contact info is or my phone number is (248) 978-4716.

Dates and Pay

Start date is in two weeks from today (February 13th) and will last until the end of April. It is a team collaboration and pay is based on where we end in the competition. We will be working right here at MSU but if we make it to the later rounds in the competition we will be heading to Madison, Wisconsin. Let me know if you need any other information! 

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