Program Prerequisites

To establish a common starting point in local planning and zoning knowledge, all registrants must successfully complete all seven modules in the classroom- and/or online-based MSUE Michigan Citizen Planner Fundamentals of Planning & Zoning Program, before they are eligible to receive a certificate of completion for the Zoning Administrator Certificate Program.

Registrants are strongly urged to complete the Citizen Planner Program BEFORE the ZAC Program begins, but we will hold the completion certificates for six months after the training takes place if a zoning administrator has NOT YET completed the Citizen Planner Program—in order to give them time to complete the program.


The only exemptions from this prerequisite are:

  1. For professional planners who have received their American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) certification, AND have served as a zoning administrator for two or more years; OR
  2. Professional planners who have received their AICP certification, AND have acted as a zoning consultant (public or private sector) for four or more years.

Each case will be examined separately following review of materials submitted by the planner.