External Advisory Panel

An External Advisory Panel (EAP) will be convened ad hoc for review of proposals and to advise the management office on the selection of projects to constitute a quality and coherent portfolio of subawards for the Legume Innovation Lab. The EAP will not be a permanent advisory group for the duration of the grant but will be convened following the issuance of an RFP and the receipt of proposals by the MO.
The EAP is composed of three to five individuals depending upon the scope of the RFP. EAP members will be selected with input and concurrence from the AOR based on the following criteria:
  1. No conflicts of interest with institutions identified in proposals for subawards
  2. Recognized expertise in technical areas relevant to topical areas in the RFP
  3. Knowledge of international agriculture development issues
  4. Experience in agriculture research administration


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