Outcomes and Impacts

Unlike many development programs and interventions, the time lag between inputs (i.e., research) and impact is long and unpredictable. Change along the impact pathway is usually complex and depends on a number of factors. Moreover, researchers have little control over the final processes or steps towards impact, since they on many other institutional factors and development partners. However, despite these challenges, CRSPs are accountable for results as measured by adoption/uptake of research outputs and benefits generated from the adoption of technologies. Documenting the adoption, farm level effects, and economic impacts of research outputs generated by CRSPs is therefore an essential component of this CRSP’s research portfolio.

Over the years the Bean/Cowpea CRSP (and now the Dry Grain Pulses CRSP) has made investments in impact assessment research to documents research outputs, demonstrate impacts, and assess the cost-effectiveness of its research strategy.

Evidence of outcomes and impacts from recent studies

Impact Briefs

Impact Brief 4: English

Impact Brief 4: French

Impact Brief 3: English

Impact Brief 3: French

Impact Brief 2: English

Impact Brief 2: Spanish

Impact Brief 1: English

Impact Brief 1: Spanish

Additional information and evidence

Click here or the link below for a consolidated summary of documented evidence of outcomes and economic impacts of research investments made by the Dry Grain Pulses CRSP in selected types of research. Clearly, this list does not include all the research investments the Bean Cowpean and Dry Grain Pulses CRSPs have made over the years, but these documented impacts represent a subset of research projects in the global portfolio of the Bean/Cowpea or Dry Grain Pulses CRSPs. Impact of research investments by these CRSPs in many upstream/basic research, institutional capacity building, and human resources development areas are not reflected in the summary list. For these types of investments, it is methodologically very challenging to assess and attribute impacts. Thus, as a note of caution, the lack of documented impacts in these areas should not be interpreted as “no impact.”

Documented Outcomes and Impacts of Bean/Cowpea and Dry Grain Pulses CRSP Activities

Bean Cowpea CRSP Training Report 1997-2002: Developing the Human Factor

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