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Dr. Richard Balander
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Do you enjoy working with animals? Thinking about becoming a veterinarian? Are you a good science student?

Animal Science majors explore advances in animal feeding, breeding, reproduction and management techniques as well as improvements in other agricultural practices. Scientific principles of biology and animal science are important components of the program. They are combined with opportunities to apply fundamental principles learned in class to farm management.

The Animal Science major also provides students with flexibility. Academic advisers guide students in the development of a planned program of study that is consistent with their interests and goals. All students in Animal Science must complete a set of required core courses including: breeding and genetics, nutrition, physiology and management. These principles are taught using horses, dairy cattle, beef cattle, swine, poultry, sheep, and companion animals.

Students may choose to complete one of the following concentrations:
• Animal Industries
•Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Biology
• Production Animal Scholars
• Companion and Exotic Animal Biology

To see courses required by this major, visit the Animal Science major listing in the MSU course catalog.

Career Opportunities
After completing a bachelor of science degree, Animal Science majors are prepared to be immediately employed in marketing, agribusiness, finance, manufacturing,public relations, pharmaceutical sales, as an extension specialist, as advisers on farm management. Many graduates go on to become veterinarians, or attend graduate school.

Average Starting Salary Range

Career Opportunities
Animal Health Sales and Research
Communication & Service Organizations
Education and Extension
Farm Management
Feed Industry
Graduate School
Veterinary School

Study Abroad Opportunities
South Africa
Costa Rica