Horse Management

Program Contact:
Dr. Camie Heleski
Program Coordinator
Department of Animal Science
1250G Anthony Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824
Office 517-355-8427

This certificate program is designed to allow students the opportunity to specialize in the area of horse management.  The typical program model is three semesters of on-campus, academic based learning opportunities and one semester of off-campus placement training at a horse facility.  Students have the choice of tailoring their area of interest toward management, reproduction, riding instruction, or training.

All students will complete an industry related internship as part of the certificate program.  The typical internship includes being involved with feeding horses twice daily, cleaning stalls once daily, grooming horses, holding horses for the vet & farrier, helping treat injuries and quarantined horses; assist with foal watch; help with lessons; assist with warming up training horses (usually 6 days/week and long days).  

Examples of current internships include:

  • Arabian show horse farms in Florida and Texas
  • Quarter horse reigning and breeding farms in California and Texas
  • Thoroughbred racing and breeding farms in Kentucky
  • Warmblood dressage and hunter/jumper farms in New England
  • Dude ranches and working cattle ranches in Colorado and Montana
  • Many different horse farms in Michigan

The MSU Horse Teaching and Research Center (HTRC), located south of campus on 100 acres, is used for teaching , research, and extension/outreach.  The upper barn complex includes an indoor arena and classroom where a number of the horse classes are taught.  The HTRC houses a herd of nationally renown purebred, Arabian horses.  Several draft horses are kept at the farm to facilitate the draft horse classes offered as electives.  All students will engage in a clerkship experience at the HTRC.  Here is a video about the HTRC and horse programs at MSU narrated by Dr. John Shelle a academic advisor and faculty in the Department of Animal Science. Click here to watch HTRC.

You can download MSU_Inst_Horse_Mgmt_final.pdf to learn more.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Requirements for   Horse Management  
The student must   complete 48 credits from the following:  
1. All of the following courses (37 to 40 credits):  
  ABM 130 Farm Management I 3
  ANS 140 Fundamentals of Horsemanship 2
  ANS 145 Horse Behavior and Welfare 1
  ANS 146 Fundamentals of Horse Training 3
  ANS 147 Horse Management Placement Seminar 1
  ANS 149 Horse Management Clerkship 2
  ANS 200D Introductory Judging of Horses 2
  ANS 203 Principles of Livestock Feeding 2
  ANS 205 Reproduction in Livestock 2
  ANS 240 Horse Farm Management 3
  ANS 242 Introductory Horse Management 3
  ANS 243 Horse Nutrition and Feeding 2
  ANS 245 Horse Exercise Physiology 2
  AT 045 Agricultural Communications 2
  AT 071 Technical Mathematics 2
  AT 293 Professional Internship in Agricultural Technology 6
  CSS 110 Computer Applications in Agronomy 2
2. Complete 8 to 11 credits of elective course work from the   following:  
  ANS 110 Introductory Animal Agriculture 4
  ANS 141 Draft Horse Basics 2
  ANS 142 Horse Training for Competition 2
  ANS 148 Methods of Instructing Safe Horsemanship 2
  ANS 290 Independent Study in Agricultural Technology 2 to 6
  ANS 300D Advanced Horse Judging 2
  AT 291 Selected Topics in Agricultural Technology 2
  CSS 201 Forage Crops 3
  KIN 125 First Aid and Personal Safety 3
  Study abroad         6