Landscape and Lawn Management - Grand Rapids Community College


For more information about this program or to schedule a campus visit contact:

Mr. Marcus Duck
Program Coordinator and Academic Advisor
Department of Horticulture
Plant & Soil Sciences Building
1066 Bogue St. room A240-D
East Lansing, MI 48824

Office phone: 517-353-0351

The Landscape and Lawn Management Certificate combines horticulture courses with business courses and an industry related internship to fulfill the program.  The combination of courses is delivered by the Institute of Agricultural Technology and Grand Rapids Community College which together fulfill the Certificate requirements.  Students in the program are also able to earn an Associate’s Degree from GRCC by taking only a few more classes.

This Certificate leads to employment in landscaping, turfgrass, and plant nursery industries.  The required professional internship gives students direct applied experience in preparation of job placement or enhancing current skills.

For more information visit the Department of Horticulture.

For information on job postings and internships.

You can download MSU_Land_Lawn_GRCC_final.pdf to learn more.

Gainful Employment Disclosure


Requirements for Landscape and Lawn Management Certificate at Grand Rapids Community College (48 credits)

1. IAT Required Courses

AT    293  Professional Internship in Agricultural Technology
CSS 210  Fundamentals of Soil Science
CSS 202  The World of Turf
CSS 203  Applied Turf Management
ENT 111   Basics of Applied Entomology
HRT 211  Landscape Plants I
HRT 212  Landscape Plants II
HRT 213  Landscape Maintenance
HRT 214  Landscape and Turfgrass Business Operations
PLP 104  Applied Plant Pathology for Ornamentals & Turf

Elective Courses

HRT 111  Landscape Design
HRT 218  Landscape Irrigation
HRT 290  Independent Study in Ornamental Horticulture
HRT 475  Study Abroad

2. Completion of 24 credits from Grand Rapids Community College approved by the Program Coordinator in the MSU Institute of Agricultural Technology.