Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

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Dr. Janice Hironaka
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Landscape Architecture is the design profession that applies artistic, cultural, scientific and technical knowledge and skills to the analysis, design, planning, development and management of the land. Landscape architects have an appreciation and understanding of natural and social processes, a creative imagination, technical expertise and a commitment to preserve or improve the physical environment for human use and enjoyment and protection of resources and other life forms on the planet.

Michigan State University has the oldest higher education landscape architecturegranting degree program in the world, dating back to 1898. The accredited Landscape Architecture program provides a diverse learning experience which strives for a balance between philosophy, theory and application of concepts related to past, present and future problem-solving in landscape architecture and allied environmental planning and design professions.

The program includes professional courses in the areas of:
• Design Theory and Graphic Communications
• Environmental Perception
• History
• Plant Materials and their uses
• Technical Aspects of Landscape Architecture
• Site Development
• Design Applications

To see courses required by this major, visit the Landscape Architecture major listing in the MSU course catalog.

Career Opportunities
Landscape architects are employed by private planning, design, engineering and construction professional offices, public planning agencies, land development companies, industrial or commercial firms, educational and research institutions, park and recreation authorities and a variety of other environmental management services.

Landscape Architecture/Design
Landscape Architecture/Research
Landscape Architecture/Building
Landscape Architecture/Planning
Federal, state and local government

A sampling of companies hiring MSU grads
The Greenway Collaborative
ILT Vignocchi
National Park Service
Mariani Landscape Design
Michigan DNR
Hamilton Anderson