2015 Master Gardener Program Strategic Vision

Strategic Visioning Update

The Michigan Master Gardener Program strategic planning process continues to move forward. A small group of retreat participants are working together to synthesize the information into a more concise document that includes the overall plan structure. This working document serves as the framework to continue to build strategies and action steps over the next three to five years that encompasses all components of the Master Gardener Program.

Current Committee Work Groups

Based on priority areas, seven Extension Master Gardener led committees were formed for on-going work on the following focus areas:

  1. Education Program Content - Members: Cathy Paterson, Mike Davis, Ike Pangle, Judy Clennan. Consumer Horticulture Advisor: Diane Brown
  2. Equity - Members: This priority area is in need of a committee – any volunteers? Consumer Horticulture Advisor: Mary Gerstenberger, Karen Burke
  3. Recognition and Relationships (Committee 1) - Members: Lisa Sharrow, Deirdre Hope, Carol Darlington, Jeanne Freymuth, Jan Rise. Consumer Horticulture Advisor: Marybeth Denton
  4. Recognition and Relationships (Committee 2) - Members: Nancy Malinowski, Belinda Laughlin, Cheryl Paul, Diana Zeiman, Margy Truza, Cathy Myers. Consumer Horticulture Advisor: Carol Lenchek
  5. Communication and Responsibilities of Program Partners (Committee 1) - Members: Patti Pittman, Lorraine Lund, Gloria Kershaw, Betsy Lindsley. Consumer Horticulture Advisors: Elise Carolan and Linda Whitlock
  6. Communication and Responsibilities of Program Partners (Committee 2) - Members: Sue Aagaard, Ruth Steele-Walker, Hazel Bostic. Consumer Horticulture Advisors: Rebecca Krans, Julie Ruemenapp
  7. Funding and Program Sustainability - Members: Susan Gaul, Carey Loveland, Colleen Petersen. Consumer Horticulture Advisors: Rebecca Finneran and Diane Brady.


Strategic Visioning Retreat - February 19 and 20, Dewitt, MI


Representitives from Michigan Master Gardener local associations, as well as individual Master Gardeners, members of the Michigan Master Gardener Association (MMGA) Board of Directors, and the Michigan State University Extension Consumer Horticulture team met Feb.19-20 at the St. Francis Retreat Center in Dewitt, Michigan. Thank you to the many collaborators who made the retreat meaningful.

Collaborators: Sue Aagaard (MMGA Board), Karen Blewett (Alpine Master Gardener Association), Claire Bode (Facilitator), Linda Bombard (Sanilac County MGA), Hazel Bostic (Livingston County MGA), Diane Brady (West MI Master Gardener Facilitator/VMS Administrator), Bob Bricault (Consumer Horticulture Team), Diane Brown (Consumer Horticulture Team), Karen Burke (Consumer Horticulture Team), Elise Carolan (Consumer Horticulture Team), Judy Clennan (Northern Gateway MGA), Mike Davis (Grand Traverse County MG), Marybeth Denton (Consumer Horticulture Team), Rebecca Finneran (Consumer Horticulture Team), Susan Gaul (Midland MGA), Mary Gerstenberger (Consumer Horticulture Team), John Harville (Berrien County MG), Carol Holtrop (Huron County MGA), Deirdre Hope (MGs of Western Wayne), Hal Hudson (Consumer Horticulture Team), Karolyn Karl (Bay Area MGA), Gloria Kershaw (Iosco County MGA), Rebecca Krans (Consumer Horticulture Team), Vicki Laurin (Genesee County MGA), Betsy Lindsley (MMGA Board), Carey Loveland (MMGA Board), Lorraine Lund (Northern Michigan MGA), Nancy Malinowski (Montcalm MGA), Cathy Myers (MMGA Board), David Newlin (Macomb County MGA), Mary Paine (Lapeer County MGA), Ike Pangle (Michigan MGA of St Joseph County), Cathy Patterson (Tuscoloa MGA), Cheryl Paul (Hillsdale County MGs), Colleen Peterson (West Michigan MGA), Patricia Pittman (Kalamazoo MGA), Jan Rise (MMGA Board), Gloria Schuler (Saginaw Valley MGA), Sue Sensenbaugh-Padgett (MGA of Northern MI), Lisa Sharrow (Master Gardeners of St. Clair County), Ruth Steele-Walker (MMGA Board), Elaine Stevenson (Jackson County MGA), Margy Truza (MG Society of Oakland County), Gretchen Voyle (Consumer Horticulture Team), Linda Whitlock (Consumer Horticulture Team), Mary Wilson (Consumer Horticulture Team/State Master Gardener Coordinator), Joan Wright (Capital Area Master Gardener Association),  Diana Zeimen (Alcona/Alpena Master Gardener Volunteers), and Bonnie Zoia (Facilitator).

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