Resources for Hotline & Ask an Expert Volunteers

Impatiens Downy Mildew
Resources from Dr. Mary Hausbeck, MSU Plant Pathologist
Impatiens downy mildew 6-21-12

Giant Hogweed
Giant Hogweed: An attractive but dangerous federal noxious wee

Soils Training
March 14, 2012 - Advanced Training for Statewide Hotline EMG volunteers 
Presenter: Tom Smith, Specialist and Acting Associate Director, MSU Institute of Agriculture Technology Institute
Recording of face-to-face training: Advanced Soils Training video (Password available from your coordinator or educator overseeing your state hotline location.)

Turfgrass Training
August 3, 2012 - Diagnosing Summer Turf Problems
Adobe Connect presentation with Dr. Kevin Frank, MSU Turfgrass Specialist
Recording: Diagnosing Summer Turf Problems
PowerPoint: Diagnostic Webcast Aug 3 2012

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Web Diagnostic References                                                              

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