Configuring Email on Apple Devices (ANR)

Instructions on how to configure your ANR email account on your Apple devices including iPhone and iPad.

October 10, 2017

Automatic Configuration

From an Apple iPhone or iPad, you can automatically configure your ANR email by selecting Setup iPhone.

NOTE: This link only works on iPhones and iPads. DO NOT select the Setup iPhone link from any other device.


Manual Configuration

  1. Select Settings.

  2. Select Accounts & Passwords.

  3. Select Add Account.

  4. Select Exchange.

  5. Enter your ANR Email Address (
  6. Enter ANR as the description.
  7. Select Next.

  8. Select Sign In.

  9. Enter your ANR Password.
  10. Select Next.

  11. In the Server field, enter
  12. In the Domain field, enter ANR.
  13. Enter your ANR Username.
  14. Select Next.

  15. Select which Options you wish to sync.
  16. Select Save.

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