Navigating SharePoint

Instructions on navigating the ANR SharePoint.

April 27, 2017

Upon logging in, you will be able to interact with SharePoint in several ways. It is important to note that the navigation toolbars will change to match any sites and sub-sites you enter.

It is recommended that you bookmark any regularly used sites for easy access to your content.

The Global Navigation Toolbar

The Global Navigation Toolbar is located at the top of the screen and contains the list of sites or sub-sites available from within an area of SharePoint. From the main SharePoint landing page, you will need to select a site from this toolbar in order to access content.

You can access the home page of the current site using the first link in the Global Navigation Toolbar. You can access the home page of the previous site by selecting the second link in the Global Navigation Toolbar. Any additional links on the Global Navigation Toolbar refer to sub-sites within the current site.

NOTE: You may need to scroll horizontally to view all options on this toolbar including the search box.


The Site Navigation Toolbar

The Site Navigation Toolbar is located on the side of the screen and contains a list of the site's content, such as documents, as well as any groups of sub-sites that are available. You will need to navigate to your materials using this toolbar selecting the site, sub-site, etc. that applies to your area.


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