Utility companies offer more than energy

Utility companies offer a number of services related to energy efficiency and conservation.

October 31, 2016 - Author: Teresa Clark-Jones, Terry Clark-Jones, Michigan State University Extension

Most, if not all, of the Michigan utility companies offer a number of services related to energy efficiency and conservation. By visiting utility company websites, homeowners and renters may be surprised to see what is offered in the spirit of saving money and energy.

The two largest utilities in the state, DTE Energy and Consumer Energy, offer a number of services for their customers. These services range from rebates to energy audits. Here is a rundown on what they have to offer:

DTE Energy has rebate offers to recycle old appliances or for purchasing ENERGY STAR® appliances. Their site also offers many tips, calculators and videos on how to more effectively conserve energy in homes and apartments. Home audits and consultations are another service that DTE Energy provides. These audits range from an online audit to an opportunity to hire a professional energy auditor. Currently, DTE Energy is offering free in-home audit consultations to their customers. This consultation may include ENERGY STAR® compact fluorescent light bulbs, water-saving faucet aerators for kitchen and bath, water-saving showerheads, and water heater pipe wrap depending what services they provide.

Consumer Energy offers rebates similar to DTE Energy. They have a Home Energy Analyzer that customers may use to understand their usage.

If you do not have DTE or Consumers Energy as you energy company, a consortium called, Efficiency United, has been created to offer energy efficiency and conservation services for customers of smaller utility companies. Efficiency United consists of eighteen Michigan utility providers which offer the following energy conservation and optimization services. The consortium offers education about using energy resources more efficiently, promotes cost-effective solutions, and gives rebates for reducing energy use.

Take some time a visit your utility company’s website. These treasure troves of information share many suggestions for saving money through more efficient use of energy and wiser conservation practices.

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