New Staff Onboarding

Welcome to MSU Extension and our Professional Development resources

This website is intended as a one-stop location for new staff (and existing staff) to access important information relative to their employment with MSU Extension. To begin, please open and/or download our comprehensive guide, full of detailed information and links in six sections:

New Staff Orientation Checklist

  1. Getting started--an HR Quick Reference Guide
  2. Getting connected with technology
  3. Learning about your Institute(s) and roles
  4. Learning about your county/district offices
  5. Getting to know MSUE
  6. Professional Development, Now & Later

Also, download our QUICK LINKS sheet of the most-accessed helpful weblinks.

Here are some other things you can do to get started:

  1. Look at the MSU Extension organization chart located on the MSU Extension Leadership page.
  2. Review this list of often-used acronyms to familiarize yourself with Extension-speak.
  3. Study the history of our mission and heritage. The sesquicentennial anniversary of the Morrill Act, passed in 1862, was in 2012.  This Act marked the beginning of the land-grant system, today numbering more than 100 universities serving our nation and the world.  Learn more by exploring the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities website.  See especially:. 
    • Morrill Act Background--A page explaining the significance of this Act and the renewed commitment of Public Universities today.
    • Land-grant Heritage--gives a short history of the 1862 Act, the Second Morrill Act of 1890, and the Improving America's School Act of 1994 that gave land-grant status to Native American tribal colleges.
  4. Review our MSU Extension and Institutes' goals.
  5. Finding the OD Website.  Here's a helpful how-to for finding our website from the MSU Extension website.