External Opportunities

This page is dedicated to opportunities not sponsored by the School of Packaging. Each item on this page is from an external source (industry, trade organization, etc.), and should be applied to directly following the information from the sponsor.  Questions about these opportunities should also be directed to the sponsoring organization directly.

Students who pursue these opportunities are doing so with the understanding that they are engaging in these as an individual or team, and support from the School of Packaging is not guaranteed. Students wishing to request support in the way of materials, lab time, etc. from the School of Packaging for external contests, competitions, and projects, may submit a written proposal to School of Packaging Director Dr. Susan Selke at sselke@msu.edu.  Please contact Dr. Selke directly regarding what should be included in this proposal.


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Contests and Competitions

Below are links to external contest opportunities. 

Posted 7-12-2017
The Flexible Packaging Design Challenge
The Call for Entries describes the competition rules and deadlines. The Challenge Hall of Fame on pages 5-8 of the 'Call for Entries' provides illustrations of Challenge winning packages, and may assist students in developing the innovative ideas for flexible packaging solutions that have yet to be developed. The deadline to submit a concept outline is September 15, 2017. Students will be notified of the advancement status of their concept outline by September 22, 2017. The submission deadline for the flexible packaging prototype/bench sample is October 27, 2017. Winners will be announced on March 13, 2018.

If your class or fall semester ends before any of the submission deadlines, early entry submissions may be accepted with permission from FPA.  For more details about “early entry submissions”, contact:

Dani Diehlmann - Director of Communications at Flexible Packaging Association. Phone: 410-694-0800, E-mail: ddiehlmann@flexpack.org

Posted 6-1-2017
The Circular Design Challenge
On May 18, in conjunction with IDEO and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, our Chapter kicked off the Circular Design Challenge, a global design challenge through which we will be using a human-centered design approach to redesign small-format plastics packaging (think straws, lids, plastic peel-offs on juices, ketchup packets, etc.) as it relates to a Circular Economy. 

We are looking for designers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and sustainability enthusiasts here in Greater Detroit to help us as we look to tap into a multi-billion dollar potential for the redesign of small format packaging.

We would love to learn from the insights and experiences of students and faculty members involved within the packaging program at Michigan State. With its multi-billion dollar potential to solve a global design challenge as part of the New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize, there might be an opportunity for young researchers and innovators to implement an idea or some of their research on both a local and global scale.  For more information please click on the following link: https://challenges.openideo.com/challenge/circular-design/brief
Contact: Naman Mandhan – Chapter Co-Lead, OpenIDEO Detroit; Cell Phone: (765) 543-5323; E-mail: naman.mandhan@gmail.com

Posted 5-31-2017
Robert V. Neher Award - A Global Academic Competition

Named after the inventor of the aluminium foil rolling process, the new Robert V. Neher Award is targeting the academic world with the objective to enhance scientists and especially young people to ‘think’ in aluminium foil, i.e. aluminium based solutions, when looking for future applications, into sustainability aspects or process optimization. The objective of GLAFRI as organizer is to support medium and long term growth for aluminium foil, i.e. aluminium based solutions, worldwide.

The jury consisting of well-known scientists from Brazil, China, Europe, Japan and US will select one winner to receive the prize of 10,000 Eur. The hand-over will take place next year in October at the ALUMINIUM 2018 exhibition (travel cost taken over by our sponsor and partner REED Exhibitions, the organizer of worldwide ALUMINIUM fairs). For further details please see www.award.global-alufoil.org.