School of Packaging Scholarships

Each year, the School of Packaging is able to give out annual scholarships thanks to our generous donors, made up of alumni, trade organizations, and industry partners.  In 2016-2017, the SoP was able to award over $50,000 in scholarships to deserving students.

The scholarship application goes out once per year in April, and is due back in July. This application is kept on file for the entire academic year. Most scholarships are merit based instead of financial need based, so all students are encouraged to apply.

The deadline for the 2017-2018 Scholarship Application is July 15th, 2017 by 11:59pm. Please follow submission instructions on the application. NO LATE APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED, NO EXCEPTIONS.


CURRENT STUDENTS: Please use this application

INCOMING FRESHMEN (starting FALL 2017): The deadline for the Dwight Schmidt Endowed Scholarship for Freshmen is July 15th. This application will also make you eligible for all other SoP scholarships. Please use this application

TRANSFER STUDENTS (starting Fall 2017): Please use the application for CURRENT STUDENTS, making sure to include to your transcripts from your previous institution in the same file. You may leave the future schedule blank, noting that you are a transfer student, if you have not yet completed AOP.

2016 – 2017 Scholarship and Fellowship Award Winner List

Award Name

Gail Tavill

2017 Packaging Alumni Association Hall of Fame

Kenna Payne, Rachel Schodowski, Grant Devota, Lindsay Jessmore, Madison Nodus-Rydahl, Madison Hardy, Hanna Holmi, Alexandra Reau, Alie Slagle, Sarah Snider, Brianne Belanger, Kameron Gilbert, Shelby Robinson, Gauri Awalgaonar, Pooja Mayekar

2017 Packaging Alumni Association Scholarship

Sean Coast, Jacob Cvengros, Yifan He, Tara Kujawa, Woranit Muangmala, Gerald Perreault, Delanie Thurlow, Fang Wu

2016 PAA Design Competition 1st Place

Eric Estrada

Mary Ann Merrill Packaging Scholarship

Carlie Allen, Standish Lehman, Connor Wynkoop, Megan Vondette

Glass Packaging Design Competition 1st Place Spring 2016

Tyler Dohm, Katie Nguyen, Jacob Houlihan, Jinghui Zhang, Yijia Xing

Glass Packaging Design Competition 1st Place Fall 2016

Brad Harris, Jeffery Herron, Kyle Laslo, Valen Yangouyian

Glass Packaging Design Competition 1st Place Fall 2015-Spring 2016

Madison Hardy, Haley Ferer

CANR Alumni Association Scholarship

Sarah Simpson

HJ Heinz Endowed Scholarship

Kristina Hughes, Meghan Green

Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics Scholarship

Kameron Gilbert

Allied Trades of the Baking Industry Scholarship

David Joslyn

International Society of Beverage Technologists Scholarship

Shelby Robinson

Cheryl Gilliam Endowed Scholarship

Allison Friebe

Laura Anne Polakowski Endowed Scholarship

Gauri Awalgaonuar

Paul Singh Endowed Fellowship for Graduate Student Excellence

Madison Hardy

Menasha Corporation Endowed Scholarship

Sebastian Stankiewicz

Society of Manufacturing Engineers Endowed Scholarship

Kameron Gilbert

NIPHLE Scholarship

Johnny Kieu

Paul and Joanne Peoples Endowed Scholarship

Laura Barts, Alie Slagle

IoPP Scholarship 2016

Sean Gorman

2017 Packaging Alumni Association Service Award Winner

Matt Danhof

2017 Packaging Alumni Innovation Award

Sean Coast, Hanna Holmi

Mark and Catherine Walchak Endowed Scholarship

Lukas Morrison

Selig Group Scholarship

Emma Griffin, Kenna Payne, Zachary Gudziak, Jillian Hoffman

Dwight Schmidt Endowed Scholarship

Becca Uebele

Chemical and Allied Industries of NW Ohio Endowed Scholarship

Linh Dao

Kimberly Clark Endowed Scholarship

Jonathon McWherter

Edwin McLean Corrugated Scholarship

Alie Slagle

Juice Products Association Scholarship

Cayla Watkins

Juice Products Association Old Orchard Scholarship

Alexandra Reau

Juice Products Association Amcor Scholarship

Lindsay Jessmore

Obolewicz/DeBuck Family Scholarship

Haley Ferer, Madison Nodus-Rydahl

Packaging Technology and Integrated Solutions Endowed Scholarship

Haris Zejnilovic

Ternes Cornerstone Spartan Challenge Scholarship

Laura Barts

Silgan Container Scholarship

Cody Krause, Savannah Guinyard, Riley Griffin, Jimmy Russell

Katherine Woloson Study Abroad Scholarship

Victoria Jansz

Suzanne Fisher Scholarship

Haley Ferer

Bill Zito Packaging Scholarship Award

Alyssa Scherer

J. Richard Troll Memorial Scholarship (2nd place)

Shelby Robinson

J. Richard Troll Memorial Scholarship (3rd place)

Ian Campa, Linh Dao, Allison Friebe, Victoria Jansz, Sebastian Stankiewicz

SoP Undergraduate Research Scholarship